WAAX on with Hope D & Teenage Joans

WAAX on with Hope D & Teenage Joans

Check out chats with Maz from WAAX with both Hope D and Teenage Joans to celebrate the release of WAAX’s sophomore album

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Three years on from their acclaimed debut album Big Grief, a lot has changed in the world including the sound of Aussie rockers WAAX who today deliver their sophomore album, the slightly weirder, very wonderful At Least I’m Free out today.

Stepping out from being a more conventional straight up “rock” band, At Least I’m Free sees the four piece experimenting more with elements more akin to dance music including sampling and programmed drum beats, creating an engrossing contrast and addictive listen across its 11 tracks.

One constant across both records is the undeniable presence of songwriter and vocalist Maz Devita, whose powerful vocals that range from shrill howls to harmonious chorus sing-a-longs detail a relatable, vulnerable human condition, with the record inspired by a mutual breakup that lead to some of the deeper themes on the record with Devita saying “I don't want to hate people — I feel like as I'm getting older, I just don't have the time to hold on to grudges.” 

With a new sound and fresh perspective, WAAX are about to take At Least I’m Free on the road all around Australia. To dig a little deeper into the world of WAAX and their new record, we asked two of the country's hottest rising talents, Teenage Joans and Hope D, to interview Maz… and as hoped, some hilarity ensued - check it out below! 


In classic WAAX fashion, these new singles seem to be quite personal and honest. From a listener's perspective, I feel like these songs are your rawest yet. What song on At Least I’m Free was the most emotional for you to write, and why?

I think the last track on the album Whoever was coming directly from a personal situation happening in real time and it was super emotionally driven.  

Dangerous is obviously quite a different sound for you guys. When I first heard it I immediately felt like I was a character at the end of a movie after everything had happened. If Dangerous was the soundtrack following a particular character around at the end of a movie, who would be the actor?

Omg what a compliment! Fuuuuck well we always joke that it would slot in nicely at the end of a Rick and Morty episode so I guess Morty? 

Your writing style has definitely matured from what we’ve heard of the new album - was there any music you were listening to that inspired your writing?

I usually go through what I like to call my ‘sponging stage’ - basically I listen to everything both new and old and make like a sponge and digest it and squeeze it out when I’m writing. So I was listening to everything. Aloooottt of Elliott Smith though. 

What song is your personal favourite from the album and why?

Beam Me Up is hands down my fave! It has all the bits that love about a WAAX song but amplified and exaggerated. It’s really dramatic. When we were making it I wanted it to be our rendition of a Queen song.


What's your favourite late night feed, anywhere in Australia?

Love a falafel kebab at any establishment in Australia Hahahaha. 

Who would win in a fight? Greek mums or Italian mums?

Greek mums if it’s physical, Italian mums if it’s verbal! 

Show me your most impulsive tattoo and what made you get it?

When I was 19 I made a pact with a friend to get Dropbear tattooed us. We were drunk and laughing about the Bundy rum dropbear commercials?? It’s not that funny but at the time we thought it was hilarious. It’s on the back of my ankle and I hate to love it. 

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Yo lil Mazzy. You’re an ambitious little bitch aren’t you? Stop listening to other people and listen to your gut, it’s always right even when you wish it wasn’t. And listen to your mum, she’s right too.

WAAX’s new album At Least I’m Free is out now via Dew Process


Presented by triple j, Unified Music Group & Select Music
Tickets are on sale now HERE
Special guests to be announced

Thursday 6 October - Kambri, Canberra ACT
Friday 7 October - Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW
Saturday 8 October - Unibar, Wollongong NSW
Thursday 13 October - Pub Rock Diner, Devonport TAS
Friday 14 October - Royal Oak, Launceston TAS
Saturday 15 October - Altar, Hobart, TAS
Thursday 20 October - The Northern, Byron Bay NSW
Friday 21 October - Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour NSW
Saturday 22 October - Burleigh Bazaar, Gold Coast QLD
Friday 4 November - The Tivoli, Brisbane QLD
Saturday 5 November - Eleven, Sunshine Coast QLD
Thursday 10 November - Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide SA
Friday 11 November - Freo Social, Fremantle WA
Saturday 12 November - Prince Of Wales, Bunbury WA
Friday 18 November - The Cambridge, Newcastle NSW
Saturday 19 November - Sunken Monkey, Erina NSW
Friday 25 November - Seabreeze Hotel, Mackay QLD
Saturday 26 November - The Warehouse, Townsville QLD
Sunday 27 November - Edgehill Tavern, Cairns QLD
Thursday 1 December - Volta - Ballarat VIC
Friday 2 December - 170 Russell, Melbourne VIC
Saturday 3 December - Torquay Hotel, Torquay VIC

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