Introducing Perth's Treehouses, and their stirring new single, Coping

Introducing Perth's Treehouses, and their stirring new single, Coping

An emerging new band making some brutally honest music.

Treehouses began as a two-piece poetry performance outfit, but 2017 finds them really coming to life as an internationally-recognised group within the emo/spoken word scene. Their latest single, Coping, continues their run of honest and emotionally revealing music through a sound pretty uniquely their own. It's an intensely emotional experience, but a wholly rewarding one as well:

Tell us about about yourselves?

We started out as a two-piece poetry performance outfit, and grew from an underground bedroom project to something a bit more substantial. We’ve released a full-length album, a cassette single, a collaborative EP and toured the country twice - a lot has changed since those bedroom recordings! We pride ourselves on being an emotionally intense band, on recordings and live - we pour our hearts into the music and we want our listeners to experience that.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We have a really solid background in simple folk instrumentation, and that style has grown to incorporate a more full-band sound, with ambient/reverby instrumentals. Vocally there’s a lot of diversity, with Tim delivering spoken word poetry and tortured screams, while Fiz and James compliment each others’ angelic voices in layered harmonies.

Production/writing process:

All of our songs we’ve recorded, mixed and mastered ourselves - our guitarist Ethan has basically learned how to produce and mix records from being in this band and his approach has always been an integral part of our sound. Coping is just a little bit different in that our good friend Curt Everett helped us out with tracking and a bit of mixing, with Ethan just wrapping it all up to nail that Treehouses sound. In terms of writing, we always used to do things a bit backwards; we’d start with acoustic guitar and spoken vocals, and then kind of build the song up from there. Coping, however, came together in our rehearsal space, all at once, in a very jammy sort of way.

Tell us more about your new single, Coping?

We really feel that this is the strongest release we’ve put forward to date - the creation of the song was so organic and collaborative and the final product reflects our strengths individually and as a band. Lyrically, Coping is the stream of consciousness ramblings of heartache and regret, it’s personal and a little bit sad, but playing it is always so cathartic for each of us.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

More music! More intimate and emotional music! We’re going to keep up the momentum and some really exciting things are in the early stages of planning so keep an ear out!

Where can we hear more of your music?



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