Introducing Perth hardcore favourites No Brainer and their new 7", Soul Step

Introducing Perth hardcore favourites No Brainer and their new 7", Soul Step

After years of becoming a go-to name across the Perth hardcore scene, Soul Step sees the group thrive in the recorded setting.

Over the last little while, we've increased our attention to the happenings of Perth's rich heavy music scene, particularly focusing on the next generation of West Australia's rock scene and the many, many sounds that includes. One thing we've learnt from doing that is that no matter what section of 'heavy', guitar-driven music we're talking about, Perth excels in every way, especially in regards to those acts that may not be nationally-spanning household names just yet - the heaving hardcore of The Chain, the alt-rock sounds of Skullcave, the gritty punkness of Fevermind and the comparatively more subtle sounds of bands like Engage included within that.

No Brainer is another one, and if you're at-all familiar with Perth's hardcore scene, there's a chance you've already come across them. Whether it's from supporting emo punk legends Turnover and playing at your local bowls club to sharing a stage with hardcore goliaths Jesus Piece or just being on every single notable hardcore lineup in Perth, it's basically impossible to miss No Brainer and their quick-paced rise through Perth's hardcore world. In fact, they've come such mainstays within the scene, that it's difficult to picture them only forming a few years back.

Release-wise, their discography is littered with releases that showcase their changing sound over the year. From their debut, six-track release Demo to today - where we're about to talk about their latest collection of tracks Soul Step - the group have always kept this heavy, hardcore sound close to them. However, you can hear their growing maturity and shifting influences come and go, whether it be singles like World Upside Down - one of their new 7" record's new tracks - and sheer heaviness, to other tracks which see their distinct sound mix with shadings elsewhere: melodic alt-rock, gritty punk and so on.

Arriving today via rising hardcore label Best Wishes Records, Soul Step is a release that packages No Brainer's controlled chaos into seven distinct tracks, each different enough from one another to show their differing influences and styles, but connected enough to make the release an essential go-to for anyone discovering the happenings of Australia's west coast and the triumphant, somewhat overlooked heavy scene blossoming over here.

You can dive into Soul Step below, and while you do that, better introduce yourself to the band and write their names down as ones to watch on a national scale in the year ahead:

I’ve been following you boys for a fat minute, but for those uninitiated, tell us a little about No Brainer.

Just five friends playing hardcore music! We’ve been playing shows, putting out music and doing a bit of touring here and there for the last couple of years.

Who do you guys vibe music-wise?

I would say we fit in most with the Lockin’ Out sound - groovy but heavy. But honestly, we are all over the place. We all have a love for punk and hardcore so that’s brought us together originally but we’re all a bit of a mixed bag these days. My Spotify history is currently Slowdive, Death Cab for Cutie, Wu Tang Clan and Carry On. So whichever genre that one is.

Tell us a little about this new 7”, Soul Step.

Soul Step has been finished for a while, but it’s great to finally have it out. In hindsight it feels like a bit more of an aggressive record then our prior work, I think at the time we just really wanted to do something high energy and not worry so much about fitting in with a particular sound. We took too long doing it, but we’re all really happy with it!

I’m assuming you’re gonna want to show this new EP off to a few people. Have you got any tour dates coming up?

We were meant to head back over east early this year, but it didn’t end up working with everyone’s schedule. The second half of the year is the plan! I think we’re going to try put out something else cool later this year and tour off the back of that.

Speaking of shows - how would you like to see the hardcore scene develop in Perth over the next year?

It’s definitely stronger now than it has been in the last couple of years, more people rolling out, getting involved. Honestly, the most important thing is for people to have fun, so hopefully, 2020 can be full of dancing and smiles.

You guys have only been around for a relatively short period of time - but you seem to have really cemented yourself in the rich tapestry of Perth hardcore. What piece of advice would you give anyone starting a hardcore band in 2020?

Just do it because you love it. Starting a band with friends is one the funnest things you can do. If you can just do it for the fun, you’ve won.

Where can we find more of your music?

We’re on all your favourite streams! All our physical music is available through our friends at Best Wishes Records.

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