Track By Track: Royston Vasie - Colour Springs From All The Gloomy Things

Track By Track: Royston Vasie - Colour Springs From All The Gloomy Things

The hazy soundtrack to your impending summer has arrived a couple of weeks early.

Melbourne four-piece Royston Vasie have broken tradition today, releasing their new album Colour Springs From All The Gloomy Things a day early than the usual new music Friday business. Which is a fantastic idea because it gives you the opportunity to listen to it through-and-through uninterrupted, a rather joyous way to experience the sun-drenched psychedelia strewn across a luxurious 11-tracker.

It actually officially drops tomorrow, but the fellas have thrown it up on Bandcamp a day early for you to sink into, which you can do by HEADING THERE and buying, or clicking anywhere on the embed below:

Wild Life

The first song written for this record, Wild Life was penned as the band navigated the harsh realities of heading over to the U.S of A. and coming back to the routine of home. Lots of things were happening around them at the time and it felt like the band's luck was going through a dry spell. The opening lyrics, "all the windows have closed and the walls around us grow", documents the feeling of helplessness one feels from time to time in a working rock'n'roll band. "Been anywhere wild? Seen anything wild? Loved anyone wild?.. These questions were all answered on our first night in Portland, Oregon at Magic Garden.


An otherworldly intro yields into breathtaking harmonies, daring rhythms and altered state instrumentals. Leaver is the Chris Isaak’s surf-psych Wicked Games of 2018 - sans the ill-fated romance and world class voice.

Dream On

Hints of the 1980’s Australian surf scene and Fleetwood Mac are prevalent throughout. This song is the centrepiece to which the album was built; it could cure insomnia, given half a chance and not in a bad way. Dream On is as laid back as a song could get without being horizontal. Close your eyes and let your imagination float away.

Better Things

Relaxed harmonies reminiscent of Lovers-era The Sleepy Jackson are at the centre of this melancholic love song in which one partner is acutely aware they’ve got the better deal. “Never one to hassle, chastise get on my back, never lose your cool or point out what I lack. You were meant for better things.”

Gold Coast

A song that documents the tragedy of domestic violence and the seemingly unfathomable helplessness of vulnerable woman in Australia. Pleading for change, the lyrics "there must be something we can do" slowly burns away under a sombre, eerie melody building into a crescendo of whirling guitars, and keys bringing home the surreal and the unthinkable. One of the sweetest bass lines ever written underpins the song melodically walking the listener through a tragic tail that has become all too familiar in Australia.

Now And Then

Tambourine and reverb intro courtesy of the one and only Dave Mudie, what more could you ask for? A haze of guitar/wall of sound, ethereal vocal and laconic lyrics you say? You got it. Shit you still want more? Alright, what about they throw in an ascent of Mellotron into an off key harmonica? Now we’re talking. The Brian Jonestown Massacre have already written this song - seven times; once more won’t hurt.

The Ballad Of Hermes Endakis

The silliest song RV have embarked on. A hopeless romantic describes every possible way one can fall in love. A chugging guitar driven pop number that is about as lyrically deep as a Year 9 crush and equally un-reciprocated.


An off-centre dumb love song where a busy mind delves into what would become of a lover’s post split; giving rise to two main questions - “would I be a dick? Or would I be gracious?” Like overly distorted guitar, bass, vocal and drums? This one’s probably for you.

Go On, Give Up

It opens viscerally, overtly Eddy Current-esque, then it transposes via jangly guitars and a driving backbeat. The fierce intro abates into a lyrically dense insight into the perils of anxiety, depression and not reaching out to a friend in need.

Reality Testing

A drug song that moves between the conscious and unconscious thought. A song that looks at where the lines of reality bend and fold between sleep and awake. An off kilter little surf number that is happy sitting out the back for hours and leaving the big bomboras to the

Maritime Creep

A psychedelic love song that suggests to much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Merely if you put someone on a pedestal, you will probably be let down - "If you blow me up/I'm gonna let you down". A nautical underwater vibration plods along under warm nostalgic guitars whilst an inflatable dingy floats the vocals along the surface above the surreal imaginings underneath. Come up for air. Wait for the bass line to kick in through the end, then sink back down to the bottom.

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