Premiere: Peach Fur celebrate the success of their new EP, share video for Aliens

Premiere: Peach Fur celebrate the success of their new EP, share video for Aliens

The Gold Coast-based rock group have established themselves as ones to watch, something their 2020 will aim to expand upon.

We've spoken about the brilliance of the Gold Coast music scene a couple of times over the last twelve months, typically around some of the bands leading the city's next generation of music, regardless of genre – JIM ALXNDR, Ivey, Saint Lane, Pure Milk, San Mei, Alt Fiction and so on all forming a part of that. It’s clear there’s something in the water over there – a bustling, constantly-growing music scene full of excitement comparable to their capital city neighbours in Brisbane has to come from something – and it’s something to genuinely be excited about; the untapped potential of the city gradually making itself known.

Peach Fur are an outfit definitely included amongst this group of exciting, Gold Coast-based up-and-comers. Since emerging with their debut EP back in 2015, the four-piece have established themselves as a bright name in the Gold Coast's rock world, with everything they've put out since – 2018's Doreen Drive, this year's Awake EP (which we'll talk about a bit more in a second), and the smatterings of singles in between these releases – further establishing their name and showcasing the group as a versatile fresh addition to the city's live music world.

Awake, their five-track latest EP released back in late-March, shows this better than anything else, however. It's an encapsulation of their growth and evolution over the last few years, showing now just how they've grown in this conventional, alt-rock sound but how they've learnt to intertwine it with shadings of other sounds; rich psychedelica, strong-armed funk, a touch of reggae and so on finding themselves amongst the charging guitar riffs of their work. It's something worth paying attention to, and after years of being somewhat of a cult figure on Gold Coast's music scene, it's something that saw the rest of the country catch up to their brilliance too.

The full EP came out nearly two months ago, but the group are still celebrating its success, doing so today with the premiere of the group's first ever video clip (!) – a big move for a group that's seemingly going from strength to strength to strength. The video is for one of the EP's strongest moments in Aliens – a driving four minutes focused on the band's instrumental brilliance, and how they've crafted a knack for woozy, alt-funk-reggae that feels something remarkably fresh, and almost like a soundtrack worthy for an acid trip.

Speaking of an acid trip, it soon becomes clear that the clip for Aliens is a perfect accompaniment to the single. It's an off-kilter and left-of-centre collection of spiralling visuals that really emphasise this swirling soundscape the group make with the single, with young film producer Matt Schembri really doing the best he can to bring the single to life visually. "The creation process with Matt was very quick and smooth, we sent him the track and just let him go with his own interpretation," says frontman Denny Hilder on the video. "From the first cut it was totally on point, he analysed the lyrics really well, as the visuals tie in perfectly to the meaning of the song."

It's weird and wacky and definitely worth a dive into, so do so below ahead of its official release tomorrow:

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