Foals' new clip for Wash Off is a PSA on washing your hands in a COVID-19 world

Foals' new clip for Wash Off is a PSA on washing your hands in a COVID-19 world

The UK rock giants are the latest band to get behind stopping the coronavirus.

Over the last week, we've seen how the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is bringing the music world to a halt, particularly in the live space. Two of the biggest festivals in the United States - SXSW and Miami's Ultra Music Festival - have already announced their 2020 cancellations, and Coachella is expected to follow suit any day now, according to industry rumours. Back in Australia, we're starting to feel the international flow-on effects too, with musicians like Aitch - one of the UK's most exciting names in emerging grime - postponing their national tours just weeks out from commencement.

In saying that, there are ways that the music world are pouncing on COVID-19, and ensuring that it's not going to be something to completely damper creative release. Over the past few days, a handwashing lyric generator takes the known fact that the time it takes to wash your hands completely should be the same amount of time to sing Happy Birthday twice and adds a brilliant twist on it, taking that amount of time - about 20 seconds - and applying it to whichever song you like - a particular favourite, for example, turns Eminem's lyrics on sweaty palms and weak knees into clean, sparkling hands.

Then, there are Foals. The UK giants had a big year last year, with two contrasting and complementing album releases - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - taking us into a somewhat dystopian world that feels like a little less of a reach considering the current circumstances. On the second record - wedged in between album-defining singles The Runner and Black Bull - sits Wash Off, a track that was initially skipped over in the initial album cycle, but is now being revisited as we face the coronavirus and musicians bring the pandemic - and how to avoid it - to the public light using their platforms.

Today, Foals have dropped the video clip for Wash Off as a bit of a hand-washing PSA, using the clip to show different methods of thoroughly washing your hands in 20-second intervals between notes on avoiding catching the virus and spreading it: washing your hands with soap, avoiding close contact with people who are unwell and showing symptoms and avoiding touching your face if your hands are unclean among the medically-approved methods.

It's a great track that utilises Foals platform to spread some information and have a bit of fun in the process, so if you're one of those people that are for some reason stocking up on toilet paper and canned Heinz beans, then maybe check out the clip for actual, 100% legit ways to fight the virus that don't leave the rest of the world without toilet paper.

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