Newcastle's e4444e announces new record, shares first single Wind Nocturne

Newcastle's e4444e announces new record, shares first single Wind Nocturne

Having recently signed to Spunk! Records, the musician will share his debut album, Coldstream Road, on June 12.

Header image by David Lobb.

If you've been following Newcastle's rich indie scene for a while now, you've probably already come across e4444e. Originally entering the music sphere as an exciting addition to washed-out dream-pop, the musician has blossomed into a force of the next generation; representative of a building music scene of tomorrow, and how each of these artists are adding distinctly unique twists to their respective sounds to get there.

It's something we've seen the musician - real name Romy Church - execute a few times now, primarily with his lush, Pilerats-premiered Mr Dover & The Endless Rovers EP a few years back. Alongside the few singles that have littered his discography in the time since, Mr Drover & The Endless Rovers was a release that introduced Romy to the Australian music canon and the intricacies he's brought to get there; "the lush, dreamy soundscapes on offer are instantly engaging, with an off-kilter nature that would be so easy to get wrong," we said on its release back in 2018.

In 2020, however, it seems that e4444e is building on his work to-date and stepping it up a touch to further solidify his place in tomorrow's music world. After announcing his signing to the infamous Spunk! Records (whose Australian contingent includes everyone from The Middle East through to Emma Russack) earlier this year (and sharing a new single, Wolves, to celebrate), he's now launched feet-first into 2020 with a new single Wind Nocturne, and news of his debut album Coldstream Road expected this June through the label.

Wind Nocturne, for starters, is a perfect introductory point for e4444e if you're yet to be acquainted with the musician, capturing the energy of his distinct sound while looking forward to how this sound may grow and change in the future. It's a soft-stirring encapsulation of his dreamy, washed-out sound, with chiming melodies forming somewhat of a more upbeat backbone as dancing guitars and his warm, comforting vocal settle in around it, stirring with this somewhat haunting presence that's really synonymous with much of this slow, indie-electronic sound, but particularly so with e4444e's discography.

"I can’t really say to you whether Wind Nocturne is a love song or just about the way the wind goes around the whirled world singing its song and I think it's best if I don’t," he says on the track. "All I know is that one of the people I hold dearest I met in a very windy cold time of the year. And this song will come and go like all other things." There's a certain emotive tinge to his vocal that really shines on Wind Nocturne, and with a bit of background from Romy about the track's influence, it's clear where this comes from - and it's a great sign looking forward to his debut album.

Speaking of, Coldstream Road - which arrives on June 12th - is a record sure to edge e4444e to the upper echelon of Australia's somewhat underground music world; his indie-electronica sound and the subtle intricacies within that to explored over a longer format release that gives him room to move and evolve. "It’s the sound of me relating to instruments, to melodies, to lyrics. It has a very natural, earthy, wet green feeling to me," he says. There's a real sense of warm, earthy tones on Wind Nocturne (let alone is nature-framed cover art), so the idea of a heavier emphasis on this through an album probably gives you the incentive you need to dive in, and better introduce yourself to the musician on the rise before his debut album takes things to the next level.

Dive into Wind Nocturne below, and pre-order e4444e's debut album Coldstream Road before its release on June 12th.

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