Premiere: Tamara & The Dreams hit a new peak with new single, FUNNY!

Premiere: Tamara & The Dreams hit a new peak with new single, FUNNY!

The project of Melbourne-based musician Tamara Reichman makes it three-from-three with their latest track.

Over the last few months, there's a strong chance you've come across Tamara & The Dreams. Last year, she made a grand debut with her the artist-introducing first single LO-FI and made it two-from-two with its follow-up P1nk Sungl4sses; both being tracks that highlight the fierceness of the project's leader - 22-year-old Tamara Reichman - and her ability to twist light-heartedness into searing, guitar-backed indie-pop, rich with the charm and grace you'd expect from artists albums deep into their respective careers.

Then, there's also her social following too - the light-heartedness swirling within Tamara's music blossoming into a social force that's almost unavoidable if you're tuned in to the somewhat underground of Australian indie and pop, to the point where listicles highlighting her Twitter notoriety are already being brainstormed: "Can we get, like, a top ten list or something? A Tamara and the Dreams album of tweets - a "greatest hits" if you like," JOY949 radio presenter Ti Butler asks.

You may be wondering why we're talking about an artist's social media presence instead of just focusing on their music, and that's because Tamara & The Dreams' today-premiering new single FUNNY! is a track that focuses on it, combining the two worlds into one in a single that carves a new peak into Tamara & The Dreams' discography, and establishes the group as ones to watch leading into the remainder of 2020.

On the surface level, FUNNY! is another brilliant single that welcomes Tamara & The Dreams' swirling rock-pop to the forefront. Utilising a rich, guitar-backed instrumental as the single's backbone, Tamara Reichman's vocal dances over the top, capturing the charm of the rising musician at her best (so far). It's angsty, punky and abrasive - synonymous with the next generation of Australian indie musicians stepping up to the plate - but also sugary sweet; you can't not smile as Tamara's laugh ends off the track.

Dive deeper, however, and you'll find that FUNNY! is rich with clever lyricism, peeling back a layer of the project's leader and her presence. "FUNNY! is a statement about the downfall of our generation to sarcasm, irony and meme culture," she says on the single. "When we build our identities around being ‘funny’ all of the time, we often end up hiding up our true selves. I learnt this lesson during a close friendship where my frustration at my friend being constantly deadpan and ironic allowed me to look in the mirror at my own habits of using humour as a shield."

It's a really incredible single, and off the back of LO-FI and P1nk Sungl4sses, I don't think there's a single doubt that Tamara & The Dreams are amongst the next generation of Australian music. So, before the rest of the world steps up and gets to know her, be one of the first and dive into FUNNY! ahead of its full release tomorrow:

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