We spent a fair chunk of 4/20 playing the Rick & Morty VR game, Virtual Rick-Ality

We spent a fair chunk of 4/20 playing the Rick & Morty VR game, Virtual Rick-Ality

You’re virtually Morty, except you’re not, you’re a useless dumb clone Morty.

Words by John Trewenack.

So you think you know stuff about things, huh?

You think you love Rick & Morty? Listen Clone Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people call “love” is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. You want to mate with a TV show, you sick perverted creep. But even so, if you “love” Rick and Morty (creepy) you’re gonna love their virtual reality game that just got released yesterday (of course it was April 20th...), you’re gonna love it right in the plumbus.

The team at Owlchemy Labs have gone gazorpazorp-shit on this game, there is literally so much crap in front of your face to play with and smash and combine and eat and spew back up that you immediately feel as dumb as Morty with no discernible direction and a building sense of crushing existential dread that nearly becomes too much to bear. Or maybe it became too much to bear for all the other clones before you... How do you know you’re not one in a long line of clones that couldn’t handle the foreboding doom that clouds your tiny mind? You know you could fill a library with the things you don’t know, and even if you went to the library you wouldn’t be able to borrow any of the books because you’re still overdue returning that How To End It All: For Dummies book.

But you persevere, and you realise you’re getting the hang of something as mind-numbingly simple as doing the laundry and then oh NO! You completed that task and you realise you have no end-game. What am I gonna to do after I finish the laundry? Don’t worry Rick will give you a call to abuse you for being a drooling troglodyte for a bit and you’ll end up slapping enough shit around that by pure dumb luck you uncover the next thing you’re supposed to do. You might even start to build up a rhythm, pulling levers and tapping buttons while yelling WUBBALUBBADUB DUB (in your actual room like a lunatic, remember you still exist in the real world), and generally starting to love the problem solving side of this game. And then discover it was all to charge a god damn battery for something you haven’t even found yet, and that crippling hopelessness comes slamming down like a Jerry that found his way out of the playpen.

That, in a megaseedshell (lodged firmly somewhere up your own butt), is why this game is so great. You’ve wanted to play with laser guns and portals and the monster under the garage for so long, and you get schwifty as shit with them. But it’s feeling like you’re actually Morty, like you’re actually an insufferable moron about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, that is so satisfying for a fan of the show. Which is a little masochistic, but whatever, it feels better than squanching in a closet to be Morty. Except you’re not you dumb idiot, you’re his clone. How many times I gotta say it? You shouldn’t even exist.

Then again, nobody exists on purpose.

Nobody belongs anywhere.

Everybody’s going to die, come play VR.

It’s Rick & Morty forever a hundred times.

If you're interested in 3D and VR, John is our resident guru, get in touch with him at miragemahal.com.

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