Meet the acts playing Sydney's St O'Donnell Select Gallery series

Meet the acts playing Sydney's St O'Donnell Select Gallery series

The St O'Donnell Select Gallery series will mix art, music, fashion and food when it hits Sydney's Backyard Opera on September 22.

In case you haven't come across it yet, the Select Gallery Series is a yearly cultural event in Sydney put on by the good folks at St O'Donnell, a Sydney-based arts agency dedicated to up'ing the cultural and creative scenes of the city while also giving creatives - particularly the young'ens, a platform to shine. This year's event is going down at Backyard Opera on September 22 with an all-star bunch of artists, musicians and designers (plus food), with Amy Roser of Art Pharmacy and Vandal Gallery in Redfern curating the art and SWS - aka Sisters With Soul - programming the music. To celebrate the event, we got Nadine Marjan of the duo (who you can better meet and get to know HERE) to walk us through the musical side of things for this year's Select Gallery Series, which features a couple of our favourites as well as a couple of up-and-comers you should definitely get around. Check it all out below, and grab your tickets and more details on the whole event HERE.

Select Gallery Program 1

SWS Selects for Select Gallery:


Love Deluxe’s entire Silk Mirage EP is such a vibe, his music is so fresh and funky yet nostalgic, which makes for such a mean combination. It's hard to pick a favourite release over the past year but we do love the energy in Spice of Life, the drums literally had us from the word go. So many lovely textures in this track, really subtle and interesting horns and tasteful use of guitar also - not easy to pull off when so many other sounds are in the mix.


Everything Cabu has released to date is so impressive. With international tastemakers Majestic Casual backing him we’re sure he’s destined for some big things this year. Cabu released a banger of an EP this year which he titled Twenty Three, followed by 5 official remixes for his well known single Crazy. We fell in love with an older release of Cabu’s which dropped in 2016 named Good Evening. Aside from the production being absolutely flawless and refined, it also samples one of our favourite jazz pianists Ahmad Jamal.


Ayebatonye is an educator and a selector (amongst many other things), two things we believe add such a unique flavour to the art of DJing. Adding her to this lineup was an absolute no brainer, we love how creative her DJ sets are and can’t to watch her light up the dancefloor. Her Secret Garden B2B Soundcloud playlist is nothing short of spectacular. No matter what music you’re into, you will fall in love with this curated mix and that’s the beauty of Ayebatonye.


Setwun aka Josh Panakera Molony is no stranger to live shows, opening for Amp Fidler, Mndsgn and Omar within the past year. His live shows are a unique experience as he plays a bunch of instruments and incorporates smooth soulful vocals into his sets. Setwun’s latest remix for Melbourne based 30/70 was released by London based Rythmn Section a few months back. It's literally the smoothest broken beat production you’ll ever hear.


We’re not really here to give ourselves a plug but in case you’re yearning for a nicely curated mix with some fresh hip hop, beats and jazz, we’ve got you sorted.

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