Ranking every verse in Snoop Dogg’s new Menulog song from tasty to terrible

Ranking every verse in Snoop Dogg’s new Menulog song from tasty to terrible

The food platform’s new advert, a major “how do you do fellow kids?” moment, will make you roll your eyes and bop along at the same time.

As long as there are advertising agencies trying to capture a younger crowd, there will be off-tone, strange adverts for products and companies featuring rappers. It’s a major “how do you do fellow kids?” moment that never seems to work - although some pop purists would argue the Lil Yachty x Carly Rae Jepsen Target advert was a smash - and yet it’s something dived onto time and time again, and why not? Hip-hop is the biggest music genre in the world right now, and the people fuelling that are teenagers who would probably be a little more interested in a product if it was being advertised to them by Roddy Ricch versus anyone else.

As it seems, the latest company to dive head-first into this trap is Menulog (or Just Eat, depending on where you are in the world). Obviously being over-run by Uber Eats and Deliveroo over the last few years, they’ve really stepped up their advertising game recently, especially as COVID-19 boosts profits for these food delivery-esque companies. Their latest - a TV ad, posted recently onto socials and YouTube - features Snoop Dogg take the spotlight; Menulog reworking their classic jingle into something a little more rap-flavoured by incorporating one of the greats of the genre.

“People said it could never be done – a Menulog track that you can get down to. The original was a great track but it’s had its run, it needed to upgrade. That’s why they brought me in, to put some spice on it,” Snoop says on the advert, and spice is definitely one way to describe it. Amongst animated pizza and uniform-bearing delivery drivers, Snoop crafts a quick minute-long rap that name-checks everything from tacos to catamarans, and actually does a pretty good job and making the little jingle something of his own.

However, it’s an ad - so obviously there’s a few iffy lines and verses in there. You can take a dive into the song and its clip below, but to help dissect the bacon from the brussel sprouts, we’ve ordered the song’s best verses from delectable to down-right disastrous, which was actually harder than you think:

Tacos to the chateau, please
Did Somebody Say
Private jet in the night sky
My man hand glide by with my fried rice, riiight.” 

This isn’t even a too terrible verse, but something’s got to kick this off, and this one is the worst one of the lot. Tacos to the chateau sounds like a nice time - although I don’t think tacos are from France - and the Menulog name-drop is expected, considering they’ve got to remind you about the product they’re advertising somehow. “Private jet in the night sky / My man hand glide by with my fried rice,” is something though, and considering it’s safe to assume that Snoop’s private jet would only have its pilot flying, it’s probably a bit dangerous to have him hand you a fried rice while he’s flying, but we’re no aviation experts.

Did Somebody Say Menulog
Me, Get delivery like a G

See hungry Dogg’s gotta eat
I get mine every day, every week
Chicken wings to the crib I’m sitting in.

Again, really only in here because Snoop Dogg saying ‘Menulog’ stands out like a tree in a logged-out forest (yay for all the deforestation that occurs to grow food!). However, he enters this verse saying “We gonna do this doggy style" which might be the best part of the whole ad, just because Snoop Dogg is iconic. Also, referencing himself as a ‘hungry dogg’ is the best.

snoop dogg menulog 2

Obviously there was a big budget for this video,
but enough to resurrect Tupac in the back?
Menulog got money.

Burger in the low low
Hope they kept the pickle in

Wonton on a catamaran
Oodles of noodles, thank you my man

This verse - which is followed by the one by Snoop saying he wants to eat tacos in a large, French castle - is where it becomes clear that this is half a Menulog ad, and half a moment for Snoop to say all the things he can probably do because he’s loaded. Wontons on a catamaran, which is basically your own personal boat? Sounds expensive. However, this verse is elevated truly because of two things: 1) it gives us the vital information that Snoop Dogg eats his burgers with pickles, and 2) hearing Snoop Dogg say “oodles of noodles” has added ten years onto my life. 

What could you not love ‘bout a slice on the side of the hot tub?
What you gonna do boo

Chocolate fondue right on cue
Even dipping in the sea
I see food, seafood sees me” 

Again, this verse comes with an opportunity to gloat. Pizza while in a hot tub? Sounds like a real good time, apart from the fact that you’d either have to get out of the hot tub to get the pizza, or you’d have to balance the box onto the side of the hot tub which would probably make the box - and the pizza inside of it - all soggy and gross. However, where this verse wins is in the fact that it has everything: personal gloats, sexual romance (however, I don’t think chocolate fondue would travel too well while your delivery driver takes the wrong turn 20 times from the restaurant down the street to your house), and best of all, Snoop Dogg singing “I see food, seafood sees me.”

snoop dogg menulog 1

I can't wait until Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre headline Coachella again,
and this pizza slice appears as a hologram.

It’s clear Snoop Dogg is a lyrical genius - unironically, he’s a literal legend - and to see his talents go into Menulog adverts make us feel some kind of way. But hey, if it gives us Snoop Dogg saying both “oodles of noodles” and “I see food, seafood sees me” within the same minute, then it officially enters the hip-hop canon and shall be respected as such.

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