NZ pop break-out Navvy shares her fav up-and-coming New Zealand musical picks

NZ pop break-out Navvy shares her fav up-and-coming New Zealand musical picks

With her second EP for the year in The Final Pieces, the rising New Zealand musician proves there's a lot to be excited about in not just her, but the future too.

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There's something incredibly exciting about Navvy. For one, there are zero doubts that she's an artist synonymous with the future. Since her arrival back in 2019, she's stepped forward as one of New Zealand's busiest but consistent acts, keeping quality and quantity balanced on a knife's edge as she continually moves her sound forward with everything she puts out. In 2019, that came in the form of her debut EP The Breakup and a string of singles that sit either side of that EP, while in 2020, she's kept busy, sharing another EP No Hard Feelings at the start of the year, alongside even more releases since.

Now, as we reach the second half of 2020, Navvy is out to prove that she's not going anywhere. Just months after dropping her latest EP, the musician is back with a second titled The Final Pieces - another four tracks that add glitzy moment of dazzling pop music to her discography, and arm her with an arsenal that allows her to sit at the upper echelon of pop's future, where she's no doubt to play a major part in. It's a collection of songs that continues to carry the deeply reflective and intimate feel of Naavy's past work, emphasising her craft in powerful songwriting and storytelling as her vocals move and dance alongside the EP's many sounds, which twist and turn between indie, pop and electronica.

As a result, the EP - as upbeat and lively as it may seem, at times - is brooding and emotional reflection of someone finding their feet, both as a musician and a person. It's full of therapeutic energy - almost as if Navvy is peeling back the layers of herself, one release at a time - and when you combine The Final Pieces with its preluding releases, you really get to see Navvy at her most multi-faceted and complex, in a way that many contemporary pop musicians avoid. "I’ve tried my whole life to journal or make diaries and I’ve failed miserably each time, but with these three EPs (The Breakup, No Hard Feelings and The Final Pieces) I’ve got a time capsule of my emotions as I dragged myself through the lowest point in my life," she says.

"I listen to the first EP now and I think: ‘I don’t remember feeling like this’. But the songs are proof that I did," she reflects, and The Final Pieces - as she continues to explain - is no different. "It was a messed up time in my life, but now I simply feel lucky to have loved so hard that losing it felt so horrible."

You can feel that through the core of The Final Pieces. The EP moves between moments of loss and heartbreak, often all tied together in one song. The EP's opening track I Learnt To Lose A Friend So Young provides an example, detailing the emotional complexities of experiencing the loss of a close friend while you're still not even sure of yourself, doubled down by the fact that it was written with her ex-boyfriend, who underpins much of the EP's other moments. 

On the other hand (and to lighten things up a touch), a fluttering of excitement surrounding Navvy also stems from her place in a growing pop market, particularly for New Zealand - an area that with the exception of very few internationally-renowned acts, are often left to their own devices. As we've constantly found ourselves saying in the last twelve months, the New Zealand musical world has some incredible acts that will no doubt be synonymous with the future; NAVVY being just one of many.

To commemorate her latest EP release and shine of a light on some of the fellow New Zealand-based musicians blossoming into something special at the moment, we got Navvy to do a little guide to who you should be keeping an eye on, and it's full of expert tips. Take a dive into it below, alongside her new EP:

Up and coming NZ picks, by Navvy: 

I love artists in New Zealand. I love Benee and Robinson and Lorde and Thomston. We have such excellent, top tier music. We also have such excellent ~up and coming~ music. I LOVE MY PEERS. I love the music that is coming out of New Zealand. I love being an up and coming artist. I love other artists who are up and coming. Here are a few of the artists in NZ that I am absolutely LOVING !


The music made by wells* is MINDBLOWINGly good. He also happens to write with me on a lot of my stuff, but even if he didn’t I would be a full-on fan I can promise you that. Every single song has been a smash and I get the very strong feeling he is not slowing down. If you like: immaculate, clever, genre defying music, I could not recommend this enough.

Favourite track: Like Hell


This girls voice could make you mad at an exboyfriend you have never had, while also wrapping you in a warm blanket, handing you a cup of tea. I saw her play live very recently and some of the new songs she played made me SCREAM wow. big fan. If you like: clean, beautiful, empowering pop, you will absolutely have no choice but to stan.

Favourite track: Misfit


This DYNAMIC DUO is exactly what this world needs. The groove, the vocal, the consistency of excellence across releases. You always know you are about to be absolutely treated when a Foley song is being presaved to your Spotify. They also happen to be two of the loveliest humans I have ever met, and I do not say that lightly. If you like: going to festivals in the sun with your coolest outfit and your best friends, screaming along to the funkiest music of the day, Foley are your new obsession.

Favourite track: Cola

Maxwell Young

This human is always serving. The lyricism, the aesthetics, the vocal delivery, it’s all there and it’s all wonderful. He recently released a song called Dread that really lights my fire. Also, follow him on Instagram you will not be disappointed. If you like: drowning in an absolute soundscape that could soundtrack your favourite dreams, listen to Maxwell immediately.

Favourite track: Right Here


WE. STAN. PAIGE. What a pleasure it is to get to listen to a Paige song for the first time.

She really is such a light in this world. she sings about topics that people steer away from, and I am so grateful for songs of hers like Yellow. She is an absolute delight to get to be a fan of how lucky wow. If you like: undeniable, unequivocal BOPS, Paige is the gal for you. The tone of her voice, the delivery, quick, open Spotify and go to her artist page NOW.

Favourite track: Hit n Run

There are SO MANY EXCELLENT ARTISTS in New Zealand, and they are so easy to find! I implore you to do a little digging, but these 5 are already killing it, and it’s a great place to start! Much love to everyone, but mainly Wells*, Levyné, Foley, Maxwell Young and Paige x

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