This week's must-listen singles: Westerman, Didirri, JUNGLE + more

This week's must-listen singles: Westerman, Didirri, JUNGLE + more

Also, new music from Channel Tres and Australian electro-soul king Jordan Rakei.

Every week, we're hammered with tonnes of new music from Australia and afar, so much so that at times, it feels a little overwhelming and you're not quite sure where to begin. Every week, we plan to run down this week's must-listen singles and releases, this week featuring names like Westerman, JUNGLE, Jordan Rakei and more. Check out Pilerats' homepage for more brilliant music and news, or subscribe to our Spotify Office Playlist for easy listening.

Westerman - Edison

Despite only having a few releases under his belt thus far, you can already see the potential stardom bound for London's Westerman. His last single Confirmation caught the eyes of basically everyone who wasn't already acquainted with him, and now he's knocked us all out the park once again with another brilliant single titled Edison. Edison is an uplifting and optimistic-sounding pop gem, combining a soft, guitar-tinged production with his own woozy vocals which feel warmer and warmer each listen, vocals marked with this particular familiarity about them which makes you immediately comfortable and at ease. Throw in a retro-sounding synth riff and Westerman's skill of crafting effortlessly great singles, and you have a track we'll be hitting repeat on for months to come.

Didirri - I Can't Get Last Night Out Of My Head

Didirri's thoughtful and charismatic writing style has captured Australia's heart recently, whether it was on break-out singles like Blind You and Jude or my personal favourite, the washed-out, down-tempo gem Formaldehyde. After ripping through an almost completely sold out Australian headline tour, the young break-through has returned with another anthem, highlighting the beauty of love and sex with I Can't Get Last Night Out Of My Head - a new tease of his just-announced debut EP Measurements out July 6th. "Each song I write tackles a different part of my own morality," writes Didirri on the new EP, which comes with the announcement of a regional tour this July. "I was pondering metaphorically what my scribblings were and came to the conclusion that they are my ‘measuring tape’ to hold up to the world. The yardstick to check myself with."

JUNGLE - Happy Man

JUNGLE have been to Australia a couple of times now, and they sure as hell know how to throw a party. The London funk group, which seems to welcome new members every day, are legends when it comes to the 70s-esque funk-disco sound, becoming world-renowned after just a single album - 2014's self-titled. Now they're finally back, returning with a new two-side Happy Man/House In LA which continues to showcase their signature sound. Happy Man is a personal favourite of the two and it's an absolute jam, whisking you away to a funky 70s world with their echoing vocals, thick percussive layers, and bright and bubbly vocals. It's a stellar return to glory by JUNGLE, and here's hoping 2018 sees them come back with album number two (mainly because then they can tour Australia again - trust me when I say that they're an absolute blast live).

Channel Tres - Controller

If you're not already acquainted with Channel Tres, now is the time to jump on board. His latest single Controller is an absolute belter, combining this effortlessly cool Detroit-house base-line with these catchy vocals that'll definitely get stuck in your head after a few releases. He's the latest signing to GODMODE, which hosts LA-via-Korea house queen Yaeji and indie darling Shamir, and has production co-writes for acts like Kehlani, if that makes the deal any sweeter. He's also been tipped as 'one to watch' by basically everyone with their finger on the pulse, and with the light-hearted 'ooft' that Controller provides, it's pretty damn easy to work out why.

Jordan Rakei - Wildfire

After dominating 2017 with his Wallflower record, which saw him join the esteemed Ninja Tune family, the formerly-Brisbane-based Jordan Rakei is not settling down in 2018. Wildfire, the soul king's latest, is his first taste of new music since the album's release and it's a warm welcome back, highlighting his electronic-tinged R&B sound with personal and somewhat vulnerable songwriting which has seen Jordan Rakei's music become so popular amongst those seeking answers from (great) music. Wildfire is about dealing with a broken friendship, he says on the single. "It explores how necessary it is to allow yourself to move on after you've been hurt and how holding a grudge affects your wellbeing. I often write about the concept of overthinking but this track deals more with acceptance for the sake of peace of mind.”

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