Laugh: 30 Minutes With Kurt Metzger

Laugh: 30 Minutes With Kurt Metzger

Veteran American comedian drops a new half hour special of irreverent funnies

Image: Still from '30 Minutes With Kurt Metzger'

Nearly a decade on from his last full-length special, the hilarious White Precious presented by Comedy Central (member Comedy Central?!), Kurt Metzger is back doing what he does best - making us laugh at uncomfortable topics with quips we could never even dream of on his new special, 30 Minutes With Kurt Metzger.

Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness where he was ordained as a minister and didn’t leave the Church until he was 21 definitely set Metzger up to have a very different perspective to the “average person”, resulting in a hilarious lens through which he frames the world and writes his hilarious material.

While it’s been a long time between drinks for Metzger, he’s been working non-stop since White Precious, receiving an Emmy and a Peabody as a writer on Inside Amy Schumer, hosting a couple of podcasts and constant touring and live shows. This experience shines through in his new half hour, with seemingly no fat left on the jokes that were expertly delivered.

I will admit I’m pretty “Covid & masks joked out” by now, but the way Kurt touched on a few of these topics was timely and put a different spin on things, while his sore back leading to jokes on alternative medicine and cleverly taking on trans issues worked well. Finishing up with some material on Jared from Subway as a “fallen American hero”, fuelled by the recent documentary series, also hit the mark.

30 Minutes With Kurt Metzger is the latest in a series of specials being produced by the comedy podcasting network GaS Digital, with Dave Smith (Legion of Skanks, Part of the Problem) also having dropped a half hour, and new specials on the way from Luis J. Gomez, Jordan Jensen and more.

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