Joyride Sent Us A Playlist Of His 10 Fave Sydney Artists

Joyride Sent Us A Playlist Of His 10 Fave Sydney Artists

He's got some live dates coming up very soon.

2017 is the year Joyride takes on his final form as a solo artist, recently releasing the first track - Kings & Queens - from his upcoming debut album, Sunrise Chaser, due early next year. It's a cracking track, one that came with an epic video clip, and also comes with the below stripped back take:

He's just announced a few Joyride shows, featuring him with a live band (dates down the bottom), and to celebrate the ocassion we asked him to throw some love on some of his favourite hometown artists. Get a lesson in who's hot from the harbour city, below:

Left. - Thank Me Later

Every time I listen to Left. I feel a combination of "proud brother" and "attentive student". Sarah and Jono are both amazingly talented musicians and beautifully caring souls. Gotdam I'm tearing up.

Jayteehazard - We Do

The evers-preading "Greater Sydney" has, in my mind, definitely engulfed Newcastle. Or, at the very least, Jayteehazard's part of it. Much like Australians claiming successful Kiwis, JT is a Sydneysider through and through (until he throws a phone at someone or some shit). One of the most meticulous producers in the country, and far and away the best DJ. Of course he's from Sydney!

Nina Las Vegas - Freeze

I watch what Nina does and try to replicate it tbh. Her drive, her ambition and her work ethic are my shining lights. If I achieve half of what she does in this weird and poorly funded industry, I'll be happy.

Haiku Hands - Not About You

FUUUUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA. Seriously, fuck yea. We had this song on repeat the day we shot the Kings & Queens film clip. I reckon they've got some heaters ready to drop too. Prob.

18 Year Old Man - The Christmas Tree

My boy Diesel. Chen. Vinbop. I love him and if you try stand in the way of that, we'll kill ya from either side. It was a pleasure seeing him wear a t-shirt I gave him in this video. This will forever be my Xmas song, and I can't wait for when he releases all the music he's sitting on to soundtrack every other time of my life.

Caitlin Park - Hunt For The Young

Oh man. I first met Caitlin at a cafe in Annandale in 2011 when I fanned out on her. Years (and more than a couple songs) later, I'm lucky enough to be playing in a band with her!!! My band! I still can't believe she agreed to it tbh. I just cannot wait for everyone to hear her new music too. She's one of the best ever in the universe probably :')

Playmode - Cadiz

This track gets a fkn workout on Tidal. The fellas, the boys, making techno like no one is watching (but we are watching).

LTC - Next In Line

Smash boy. Smash. Much like Jayteehazard, I'm gladly claiming this Canberran as a Sydneysider through and through. One of those guys that you listen to so that you can try be as good as him. Same goes for his Twitter. <3 u T.

Triple One - Doozy

I still kinda think of these dudes as my best mate's little brother's mates. But that does them a major major disservice. Smashing it and being sickunts is the M.O. Stunt hard forever my boiz.

Raph Lauren - Home

My brother. My thinspo. I can't wait for everyone to hear his new stuff. BATH HOOUUUUUUUUUSE.


Thu 19 Oct - The Lansdowne Hotel w/ Left.

Fri 20 Oct - Northcote Social Club w/ Haiku Hands & Francois

Sat 21 Oct - The Brightside w/ Tiana Khasi

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