Meet: MPW and their Women in Music Tech Summit

Meet: MPW and their Women in Music Tech Summit

Two days of FREE and easily accessible music masterclasses empowering women and non-gender conforming musicians.

Naarm/ Melbourne-based Music Production for Women (MPW) is a social enterprise that has been empowering, educating, and harbouring safe and encouraging spaces for women in music technology for the past three years. Included in the Top 50 Innovators of East London list in 2020, they’ve run events to over 6,000 musicians from over 120 countries, their most recent in January 2022 attracting over 1,600 registrants. Continuing to steadily grow their workshops and courses globally, MPW unveil their Creative Victoria-backed Women in Music Tech Summit, a free to attend event happening online this October 15th and 16th. 

Consisting of 10 insightful workshops and music master classes aimed to empower and inspire female and non-gender conforming musicians, “I’m hoping we can inspire any attendees who may have wanted to produce but felt intimidated by it, to take their first steps in the field”, shares MPW’s award winning founder and CEO, Xylo Aria, continuing “I know having an event like this available when I first started would have made production feel a lot more accessible to me!” Making music production feel a lot more accessible, in a really accessible way, the summit will be online, and 100% free for all attendees. 

Featuring sessions from ARIA nominated Becki Whitton, Sydney-based up and comer Charlotte Adelle, University of Letherbridge professor Marcela Rada, and Xylo Aria herself, as well as more to be announced over the coming month, the Women in Music Tech Summit is jam packed with information, covering a variety of topics that many independent artists today need to know, such as; the basics of music production, sound-design and mixing, music marketing, PR, and songwriting workflow. In addition to the wealth of knowledge available, both days will also include networking sessions to allow attendees to build connections with other like-minded musicians.

Wanting to learn more about MPW and the Women in Music Tech Summit, we asked Xylo Aria a few questions below. Be sure to take a read of what she had to say, and if you’re a female or non-gender conforming musician, take advantage of this incredible opportunity - this Saturday & Sunday CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Xylo Aria

What is the Music Production for Women group all about and how long has it been running?

MPW is essentially the learning platform that I wish existed when I first started learning to produce music. The aim is to empower women to produce music in an environment where they feel completely comfortable and supported. There is a huge focus on community and a safe space. It's now been running for almost 4 years which is a bit crazy to me!

What are the origins of the Women in Music Tech Summit?

This is the first one actually! I wanted to create an event that will bring together musicians from all over the world and create a really inspiring learning environment so that's what we'll aim for.

What are the goals of the summit?

The main goal of this Summit is to encourage any woman who would like to produce but feels music production might not be a space for her, to take her first steps in the field.


What can attendees expect from the summit?

There will be 10 different sessions running across 2 days on numerous topics such as music production, vocal recording, mixing, live performance and more. All our teachers for the summit are experts in their field and are role models in their own right, so hopefully attendees can also find inspiration in what they've achieved.

What are you personally most excited about for the summit?

What I'm most excited about (and also slightly nervous about with the hope it works to plan!), aside from the excellent sessions from our teachers, is that there will be four opportunities for people to network with other musicians around the world throughout the 2 days. As a musician, I feel building a network is such a vital part of building a career so hopefully people can make some more musical friends by the end of the 2 days. 

Is there anything else about MPW or the summit that people should know about?

We also have an exciting giveaway as part of the event thanks to Shure, AIAIAI and Vochlea which will be an excellent addition to any home studio. You can enter the giveaway HERE 

Women in Music Tech Summit

9am to 3pm AEDT | online 

Saturday October 15 & Sunday October 16

Free tickets to the event are available until the summit capacity has been reached 


Follow Music Production for Women: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM 


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