Premiere: Say hello to Shrimpwitch and their rollicking debut single, Lust For A Kick

Premiere: Say hello to Shrimpwitch and their rollicking debut single, Lust For A Kick

They're also the first act on rad new label, Hysterical Records.

From deep down in Melbourne's rock'n'roll pool comes garage-rock two-piece Shrimpwitch, washing up on low tide with a debut EP, Eggs Eggs Eggs, featuring this first single, Lust For A Kick. Known to their crustacious parents as Georgi Goonsack and Kim Prawn, Shrimpwitch will also be the first release from new label Hysterical Records, a label committed to shining a light on the ladies and GNC artists in the Australian underground punk scene.

And what a first salvo it is - Lust For A Kick is like a fish shop smorgasboard of 80s punk and garage-rock, packing plenty of dirty riffs from Kim Prawn on the guitar amidst the commanding vocals of Goonsack while she smacks some rumbling percussion to go with it. And to mark the release, not only do we get to premiere it, but we asked the two-piece a few questions to help you get to know 'em a little better too. Check it all out below, and catch 'em live when they play the Hysterical Records label launch at The Old Bar on April 7 (more info HERE):

Tell us about about yourselves?

Kim Prawn: This sounds like a job interview. Is this a job interview? I hate job interviews. I’m Kim Prawn, I play guitar and do some yelling and hip shaking. I recently acquired a black sparkly guitar that I really like, she’s called Ursula. I am the Edith Massey to Georgi Goonsack’s Divine.

Georgi Goonsack: I am a tall, sparkly, emotional friend that loves a humour and a wine. I don’t yell unless I am performing. I play drums and I like to have fun. I’m also mates with Kim.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

​KP: Filthy, fuzzy, funny, weird. What’s your vibe, Goonsack? It’s essentially the unexpected by-product of what happened when Georgi and I picked up instruments one day and consummated our mutual love for the B-52s, The's, The White Stripes, The Cramps, and Dead Kennedys.

​GG: Imagine a scene of crushed tinnies, champagne bottles, smudged eyeliner, stale perfume and cigarette smoke, enormous prawns walking around, glitter coating every surface, murmurs of D&Ms from the kitchen, Little Richard from the record player and people smooching in the hallway.

Writing/recording process:

​GG: I write jazzy cabaret, Kim makes rock. Ursula and Kim use ultra-modern technology to analyse my lyrics for suitable rock potency. In turn, when Kim has already got a melody I purvey the bam-bam and ooh-ahhs.

​KP: We also have a direct telephone line to John Waters’ house and we give him a call if we’re ever short of ideas.

Can you tell us about your new single, Lust For A Kick?

​GG: Consensual, casual sex is a perfectly fine pass-time, and there are many misinterpreted signs that get in the way. ‘A drink doesn’t mean marriage, but I’ll drink ‘till I fall apart/You’re inside of me, but you’re not inside my heart’. If you ask someone for a drink, it doesn’t mean you want to have sex, or even form any kind of relationship. But even if you do, you won’t be hideously disappointed because everyone is allowed to say no. Also drinking is a massively common pass-time when people are out and people drink for different reasons. Consensual sex and drinking excessively is fine, just communicate and don’t put expectations on other sexy people.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

​KP: We are releasing our first ever EP; writing more songs and trying to remember the old ones; hanging with our shrimplings; refining our mock rock choreography; stitching outfits fabulous enough to rival both the the bat-wing-sleeved wonder of Vegas Elvis and the leather-licking ferocity of Lux Interior — all in the hopes of achieving our ultimate goal of becoming the filthiest people alive.

​GG: NEW MUSIC, new grooves and new emotions, new outfits and more covers and great success! More recordings, yes.

Where can we hear more of your music?

​KP: Hold a conch shell up to your ear and say the words “shrimpy magic” three times.

​GG: BANDCAMP! On this website! Aaaand also by attending our gigs!!! Like April 7th​ ​at ​The ​Old Bar for the Hysterical Records​ Label​ Launch.

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