Two Fins Apparel - look good while supporting ocean-based charities

Two Fins Apparel - look good while supporting ocean-based charities

A Perth-based label with the health of our oceans on their minds.

Two Fins Apparel is a Perth-based clothing label, with a couple of Kiwi mates at the helm and the health of our oceans at the forefront of their mind. Originally arriving to Perth with the mining industry in their sites, it wasn't long before they acknowledged basically how shit it is. "[Working on the mines] proved unfulfilling and represented everything wrong with society. The waste, the destruction, the pollution and the unhealthy FIFO lifestyle. We soon realised life wasn't all about money."

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"Upon moving to Perth the we found ourselves addicted to diving and the beach lifestyle of gorgeous western Australian coast line. So naturally, any future endeavors had to turn this hobby into a lifestyle. Eureka! Two Fins was born. An idea that could bring financial freedom, let us focus on our passion and make a positive impact on the world."

Two Fins is a big family, full of diverse individuals who love the ocean, be they divers, kite surfers, underwater photographers, spearfishermen... "any ocean enthusiasts, committed to preserving our precious oceans in all their glory; "We take only what we need, promote selective hunting, and have utter respect for the environment we love. If we can't eat it, we don't harm it."

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And its that ethos that they've committed to financially as well, with 10% of all Two Fins profts donated to a select few ocean conservation charities:

Tangaroa Blue

An Australia wide foundation which organizes and runs large scale cleanup efforts right around Australia's coast lines. Since the program began in 2004, over 7million pieces of debris have been removed, with data on the debris collated into the Australian Marine Database. Find out more about them via their WEBSITE and/or FACEBOOK.

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The Gnaraloo Turtle Foundation

"The Two Fins family is also in early talks with these amaing people and we are currently tailoring a support package for them so we can help! This amazing cause is in support of the Logger Head Turtle right here in WA. The foundation is based in the Gnaraloo Wilderness Area and it is the life line for the Logger Head Turtle, they are heavy involved in support and research of this amazing animal, without this group of down to earth people the logger head turtles home would be open for industrial giants to move in and could possibly ruin the logger heads habitat." Follow them on FACEBOOK / WEBSITE.

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For more information and to check out their latest range, head to the Two Fins WEBSITE or follow them on FACEBOOK.

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