Framed Interview: Ash Schmitt

Framed Interview: Ash Schmitt

We finally go a little bit deeper with one of our faves.

Ash Schmiit is WA-based artist whose work you might have seen on our little old website, but most definitely seen floating around the gram. We've been huge fans for a while, so it's almost shameful that we've taken this long to get to know him a little better, but it's better late than never as they say! So please take a read below, and check out more of his work on the socials/buy some of his shit to help him finally get his first solo show organised.

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Ash Schmitt / Freelance Illustrator.

Where are you now? What are your immediate surroundings?

In my home office where I spend most of my life. To my right is a vintage record player that my old man refurbished for me, it’s my favourite thing in the room. I’ve got a bunch of indoor plants but I plan to add more, I enjoy the struggle to keep them alive.

Please describe a typical day:

Wake up around 7am, lay in bed for half an hour checking Facebook and Instagram. Cook and eat breakfast. Sit at my desk and sort out my emails and work out what I’m drawing for the day. Get about an hour of drawing in and either make a coffee or go and buy one. Draw again for as long as I possibly can before I’m so hungry I have to have lunch or I’ll faint. My wife usually gets home mid afternoon so we usually go for a walk and then I draw again for a couple of hours. My version of Groundhog Day.

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What mediums do you use?

Most of my work is done digitally in Adobe Draw on an iPad Pro. I try to paint something on canvas every few weeks but it annoys me that I can’t get it as neat as I can digitally.

Is there a particular time or place in your life that seems to generate a lot of your ideas?

Most of my ideas come about while messing around on the Internet. I might see a news story about someone and decide I want to draw it. If there’s a new album I dig I usually draw something about it too.

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Who/what inspire you and your work the most?

Kanye! Haha and people similar to Kanye. The slightly strange creative people unafraid to push boundaries.

What have you been listening to lately and do you listen to music while you work?

I listen to music all day. I’m still playing NxWorries – Yes Lawd a lot. Frank Ocean gets a play weekly and Yeezy is always in the rotation.

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What was the best piece of advice you have ever received?

“You don’t need alcohol to have fun.” – Mum. I quit alcohol two years ago and she was right.

Three artists/illustrators/creatives we should check out?

Sean Morris - @sean__morris

Eero Lampinen - @eerolampinen

Gangster Doodles - @gangsterdoodles

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What are your favourite and the best things to do in the city that you live in?

Hang out at the Zig Zag in the hills or Kings Park. The two best views in Perth. Chicken Treat is another of my favourite things.

Will you be exhibiting any time soon that we can come check out?

I need to get around to organising my first solo show. I will be doing some live painting at Henry on Eighth on October 23rd though.


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