Video: A-Trak - Push Feat. Andrew Wyatt (E.A.S.Y Remix)

Video: A-Trak - Push Feat. Andrew Wyatt (E.A.S.Y Remix)

Video: A-Trak - Push Feat. Andrew Wyatt (E.A.S.Y Remix)

E.A.S.Y. consist of DJs Enferno and Shiftee, two DJs who grew up turntabling and not pressing playing. They're now back with a remix of A-Trak's Push which you can listen to HERE and a live video of it below with them showing how #RealDJing works. E.A.S.Y. are also bringing back that hashtag to stick it to all those 'DJs' who just press play and turn the odd knob.

In comparison the E.A.S.Y. lads show off their finger drumming, turntabling skills and ability to remix live at once to reveal how it's done. The remix in question sees the track take on a future bass visage with Andre Wyatt's vocals being heavily chopped. It's also a humourous video where the DJs pop on fake wigs, go to town with the rosé and show off their fully siq BMW in their singlets. 


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