The Aussie House Scene Is Killing It Pt. 2

The Aussie House Scene Is Killing It Pt. 2

As we knew we had, there were a whole heap of rad people left off the previous house article.

Earlier this week we ran article about the Aussie House Scene at the moment, and as is the point of these kind of articles, it was as much a chance for us to expose people we've been enjoying, as it was for other people to reach out and tell us who we were missing. Some people just got snarky about it and some others were rad enough to do something about it.

One of those was Cam Duff, a good friend of Pilerats and the brains behind Heads With Tales, an independent booking, touring and management agency based in Australia. You can find out more about the awesome shit he's doing by visiting the HWT FACEBOOK and/or WEBSITE, and enjoy digging deep into the artists/record labels he reckons are smashing it at the moment.


Hailing from Melbourne, Tornado Wallace/Lewie Day is no stranger to our scene. Having started producing at the tender age of 15, he's gone on to remix world-renowned artists such as Matthew Dear, Cut Copy and Eddie C, along with having a wealth of original productions under his belt. He also put out an official Resident Advisor podcast in 2011 and made an appearance on Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space radio show.


If you're living in Australia and listening to house music and haven't heard of these guys yet, then now's a pretty good time to start doing some research. Located in the depths of Adelaide and regulars at Sugar Club, Untzz 12 Inch is home to a local crew of DJs and producers, and also a world-class record label (that's right, records). Their releases have been stocked in some of the world's best record stores (Hard Wax in Berlin, Phonica in London, Clone in Netherlands etc), not to mention their Big Doint series selling out globally. [Ed's note: Have had one night out in Adelaide ever, and it was at Sugar Club on an Untzz night, and it was probably the longest I've ever danced unassisted by substances, ever.]


Sydney-based producer Dro Carey/Tuff Sherm is one of those guys who effortlessly blurs the lines between the house and techno genre with his unique blend of productions. Having released on record labels such as Trilogy Tapes and Opal Tapes, he emits a uniqueness that not many producers can achieve in the modern day of electronic music. 


Having recently migrated to further his career, Griffin James aka Francis Inferno Orchestra aka FIO is another Melbourne house DJ/producer whose productions revolve around rich, disco-based samples and drum machine rhythms. His recent move to London also means that he's currently playing around the world and thus, killing it.


These Melbourne youngsters have been making waves lately across the house-music community in Australia. Having recently started their own record label - Butter Sessions - in 2013 and pressing limited edition records with awesome artwork, they were also on the bill for the Boiler Room tour in Australia recently. They've also just released the second record on their label, featuring more Australian producers you should probably check out.


A humble and quiet achiever, Fantastic Man aka Mic Newman has been a solid figure in the house community for quite some time. Having released on labels such as Wolf Music, Throne Of Blood and Jacques Renault's Let's Play House, he's certainly not one to blow his own horn and self-promote too much. Having played his fair share of gigs around town and also around the world, his achievements speak for themselves.


LNTG is definitely no stranger to house music in Australia. Also known as DJ HMC, he's been around longer than most and is one of Australia's most respected names in the scene. A heavy remixer and also running his own label - Tuff Cut - you'll find him pushing the disco/house side of the genre with his productions. He's also managed to play in everyone's favourite club - Berghain. A dream for most DJs out there. 


Melbourne-based duo and Otologic are not producers per-se, but are extremely active DJs in the scene. Supporting countless of international touring artists, they are certainly a favourite of many club and festival promoters. They're also behind the awesome Animals Dancing and C-Grade parties in Melbourne and have also recently started their own record label too. 


Last but not least, the duo behind the prestige Melbourne Deepcast podcast series and now record label, these guys have probably had your favourite underground DJ appear on their show. Just sift through their 100+ podcasts featuring more internationals than you can poke a stick at.


Whilst writing this article, it dawned on me exactly how much talent there really is in Australia. Of course, there are plenty of other names I'd love to write about here, and I feel bad for leaving so many names out, but it's already past my bedtime and I feel as though this is a pretty good start to help shed light on what I call our house music scene. I hope this article has introduced some readers to a genre they may not have been so familiar with in the past, and the journey has only just begun. Happy hunting.

Heads With Tales WEBSITE // FACEBOOK

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