Mrs Mac's Presents -  A Creative Journey: Part 4

Mrs Mac's Presents - A Creative Journey: Part 4

WA producer DYP gets on board the creative journey.

As far as a bio goes, Iain Campbell has been playing out as DYP since 2009. His first gigs were a part of the very first ICSSC parties, and we all know how legendary they were and continue to be. DYP dropped his first release in 2011 L2S Recordings, he’s also since put out music on BassMachine Records and Slime Recordings all while continuing to play live and host various radio shows. Never one to turn down a party, DYP has played shows not only in Australia but also in the UK, Denmark and Jamaica, and featured alongside many acts from around the world, most notably Ben UFO, Oneman, Deadboy, L-Vis 1990, and Bok Bok. DYP was last seen blowing up in the Boiler Room and at Circo Festival.

DYP jumped on board Mrs Mac’s creative journey as we needed some music to go along with our adventures. Iain had the crazy task of making a new a track in two days while away on the trip, and somehow making it flow with what Kye and Andrew were doing. I guess the results speak for themselves: the song hasn’t stopped being played in the office since and is a damn good track to roadtrip to. Check back on Friday when we drop the tune for free via our SOUNDCLOUD, but before then get to know DYP a little better:

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