Mrs Mac's Presents - A Creative Journey: Part 5

Mrs Mac's Presents - A Creative Journey: Part 5

The final part of our creative journey.

We could fill this post with heaps of information, stories and so on about our roadtrip, but to be honest it really is as simple as this: the guys came through and the trip was so much fun. The content they created is amazing! So strap yourself in for the next couple of minutes and watch what was created over a weekend on a roadtrip thanks to Mrs Mac's.

Mrs Mac's also want to see and hear your creative journeys. Remember any journey from point A to point B qualifies as a roaadtriiiip! Mrs Mac's want you to capture the essence of your next roaadtriiiip in a short video or photo on Instagram, simply Hasthtag #thisisaroadtrip and tag @mrsmacsbakery so we can see your entries. The Best video wins a GoPro and $100, while the best photo wins $400 cash.

Remember: any trip, any journey, any day can be a roaadtriiiip—it’s all about your frame of mind.

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Re-cap the entire Mrs Mac's Creative Journey:




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