JOY. - Captured

JOY. - Captured

She's the real deal.

With her gossamer vocals, padded bass and warmth-filling bass line it's hard not to notice JOY.'s new single, Captured. Hailing from Brisbane, JOY. AKA Olivia McCarthy has until recently only been releasing covers but Captured marks a clear step forwards. You'll most likely recognise her voice from Young Franco's recent house-influenced track, CLOSE 2 U but Captured deviates away from the muscle-twitching euphoria in place of what feels like an all-encompassing embrace. Crafting an mesmerising atmosphere with vocals that soaks up the soundscape, you'll struggle to tear your eyes away from the video clip she and her manager, Jack Toohey have crafted. Oh and did I mention she is only 17?


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Flume on ketamine, is what I'm calling this.

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Hype hype hype hype hype.

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