Mrs Mac's Presents - A Creative Journey: Part 1

Mrs Mac's Presents - A Creative Journey: Part 1

PART 1 is here! Join us weekly for our creative journey.

The world's first recorded long distance roadtrip was taken by the wife of the guy that invented the first patent motorcar. Her name was Bertha Benz and she travelled a total of 106km on that game-changing day in 1888. I expect she had no idea that her spontaneous travels would inspire countless generations to pack up on a whim and take the chance on a roadrip regardless of how long or short the journey.

The idea of the roadtrip is engrained in everybody, whether it be a quick trip to the shop to get a pie, one that takes you across this vast country of ours, or the dodgy Contiki tour you took when you were 18,19 or 27. The roadtrip is as simple as putting on CCR’s greatest hits or your favourite mixtape from the last four days and just getting away from life’s responsibilities. The roadtrip is about enjoying the journey and not just the destination, to get off the beaten path and make that Instagram post you know is going to cop a few ‘likes’, and also most importantly, come back with a story or two.

Mrs Mac's came to us with the task of curating a new style of roadtrip - a creative one. How could we say no? After a quick brainstorm (throwing darts on the balcony) it was decided that we would take a skateboarder, visual artist and a musician away and see what happened. We jumped on the phone to our favourite Englishman Kye Howard AKA Shadow Data to join the roadtrip and provide his 3D mapping and visual artistry, young Perth skateboarding upstart Andrew Fallara also got a dodgy Facebook message asking if he was free, and finally one of the most underrated producers Perth has on offer – DYP - jumped on board to lend his superior songsmith skills to the journey.

A weekend away together having never met before and being tasked to produce something awesome is no small feat, so join us for the five-part series of Mrs Mac's Presents: A Creative Journey. It will be rolling out weekly for the next five weeks so tune in here and expect some surprises.

This is their story. Their journey. Their roadtrip.

Mrs Mac's also want to see and hear your creative journeys. Remember any journey from point A to point B qualifies as a roaadtriiiip! Mrs Mac's want you to capture the essence of your next roaadtrip in a short video or photo on Instagram, simply Hasthtag #thisisaroadtrip and tag @mrsmacsbakery so we can see your entries. The best video wins a GoPro and $100, while the best photo wins $400 cash.

Remember: any trip, any journey, any day can be a roaadtrip — it’s all about your frame of mind.

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