New: GRRL PAL - Paradise

New: GRRL PAL - Paradise

The WA electronic-pop duo return from the US with some great new music.

WA-based electronic duo GRRL PAL have arrived back from a recent stint in the US living and working with producer Parker Ighile (G-Eazy, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj), and the results are already paying off with the first of a few new tunes to come - Paradise. In the group's words - "We wrote about dating someone who likes their phone more than you... kind of like Her but mainly because we love Scarlett Johansson." As fellow lovers Scarlett Johansson we're definitely not ones to argue, but ScarJo obsessions aside, Paradise definitely feels like the duo of Danny K and Jay Lekat have come back with a more refined sound, erring a little further away from their previous pop leanings, and into a very cool focus on future-beats, still pinned down by the cooing vocals of singer Lekat, and with a mean ilttle breakdown towards the end. They're looking to release a new song a month, and we can't wait to hear what other fruits come from their US jaunts.

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