Pilerats X-Mas Party Guide

Pilerats X-Mas Party Guide

A Pilerats Pocket Dictionary Guide to the Pilerats X-Mas Party.

You might have heard the phrase ‘salad days’ bandied about before when people are describing times of youth and wildness. We decided that, here at Pilerats, as content-creators we are what you eat, and if Pilerats were a musical salad and these are your wild and youthful salad days, we’d like to make sure that as well as being comprised of lettuce leaves (well-known tunes and artists we love) - which are the base of any good salad – that we have some wilder salad ingredients thrown in from time to time, because we like flexing our individuality and discovering new weird crunchy unconventional things amongst the lettuce. Like pepitas. Or peanuts. Or pear.

To wit: we’re merging districts with I.C.S.S.C. for a Christmas death match party (event HERE), and we’ve programmed some more forward-thinking salad ingredients to make your night extra wild. Get to know them via our Dictionary definitions below, and grab your cheaper pre-sale tickets HERE.



1. noun; A songwriter for J-pop superstars Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

2. noun; A trending / emerging / peaking / buzzing producer from the U.K., associated with the Glasgow-based label Numbers (Rustie, Redinho, Deadboy). Has released a series of mega catchy, J-Pop (/kawaii) inspired singles accompanied by artwork featuring colourful children’s slides. 

e.g. “When I’m with you, and everything’s okay, I get that fizzy feeling, and I want lemonade.”

e.g. “However you’re feeling? I can make you feel better. If that’s what you want, boy, then you know where to find me.”

Instructions for dancing: Wiggle every limb like you’re human Gak, and B-B-BOUNCE yo’self like you’re on a trampoline! 




1. noun; A brand new energy elixer, where organic and synthetic meet, to stimulate an uplifting club sensation. Looks fizzy, tastes bouncy.


"Hey QT? I know what you're thinking. We must be drinking QT. I love it."





1. adjective; frenzied, fizzed-out, raw, futuristic, phrase to describe tracks featuring rapid drum assaults and fast sample chops.


2. noun; US Producer that rolls with the Brick Bandits crew, along with fellow New Jerseyans DJ Sliink,  DJ Uniique, Philly Club maestro DJ Sega. Once made a tribute to his hometown by making a damn good track – Nxwxrk - that sampled / disgraced former Newark, NJ mayor Sharpe James.




1.     noun; A restaurant in Northbridge specialising in authentically prepared Vietnamese cuisine.

2.    noun; Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat’s official understudy, prior to this famous Norwegian child rapper (also known as “Lil P”):

lido cashmere cat
3.    noun; Trippy Turtle?! (God, those #FOFOFADI kids just having a big ol’ laugh at us, aren’t they?)
4.    verb; "the hottest producer in the game right now” etc, does rad mixes for Diplo, records tracks from hotel rooms in Japan high on helium


Also apparently increbz live in consert. e.g.:

Screen Shot 2014 11 24 at 2.53.36 PM



1. verb; Do you even Pilerats? 


Wed, Dec 17, Gilkisons Dance Studio, Perth. Tickets onsale via Ticketbooth 6pm, Mon Nov 24 - HERE


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