Interview - The Others

Interview - The Others

Red Eyes, the debut LP from The Others was in my opinion one of the best albums of last year. We had a chat to guitarist NG late in 2013 about how things were going...

Location: Perth, W.A.

Members: Colin, Jared, Chris, DJ Fendi, NG

Releases: Demo (09), Self titled EP (2010), Sun & Sea 7" (2012), Life of a DJ Tape (2013), Red Eyes LP (2013)

Hey guys, how are you doing? What’s on your mind at the moment? What are you doing?

I am currently deciding wether I should microwave or grill my curry puffs. Tough choices man. Enough about my personal dilemmas....we're in the process of writing new tracks for a 7" next year. We have a couple of songs down already and we're pretty excited about how it's all sounding. We are super siked to be touring with Backtrack and Iron Mind in January. That'll be a good way to send our drummer (DJ Fendi. You may have heard of him before...) off before he moves to the other side of the country

I fkn love curry puffs, you should def grill them, microwaving makes them all limp, no fun for anyone! 
New 7", that's rad! Fendi makes drumming look so glamorous, how will you ever replace him!
 Speaking of new records, Red Eyes, your debut LP has been out for a while now.. How has the response been so far?

Haha yeah he's got a bit of glam to him...
 We didn't really have any expectations before we released it. We're really happy with how it all came out and that's all that matters to us. If people dig it, well that's a bonus!

You went out on tour with Mood Swing and Born Free in support of the record, how was that? Take us though a few of the highlights!

Touring with those two bands was fucking sick. We only did five shows but it should've been longer - hanging out with those dudes was the best! The Newcastle show was definitely the highlight - Newy cunts know how to party...

The Others are a band that have been around for a while now.. What is it about this music that keeps you and the band motivated and contributing to the community?

The band (and many of my closest friendships) wouldn't have existed if it weren't for local hardcore shows. From a personal perspective HC has played a pretty big part in my life so I feel I have an obligation to contribute to the community.

Let’s go back in time a little, how did you come to play in bands, go to shows etc etc?

I used to play in a cover band in high school and things just progressed from there when I started going to shows more. I remember meeting Moey through a mutual friend back in 2004 and he said I should come to shows more often. I think my first show was the Pathogen CD launch with Prom Queen, Burn For Me, From the Ruins and Combined Death Toll.

Fuck yeah.. From the Ruins were one of the first hardcore bands I ever saw to.. What are the biggest influences on The Others sound? and also your personal influences as far as writing and playing music is concerned?

There's no mistaking the Justice/Mental vibe that's for sure. We try not to be close-minded in terms of our sound/influences and that's reflected in the varying sounds of our songs. It's kinda boring to play the same style of songs over and over again. Guitar wise I'm heavy on Hendrix, Derek Trucks, Stevie Ray Vaughan and J Mascis. My personal tastes vary - I'm usually spinning anything from funk/soul/jazz to straight up rock'n'roll and everything in between...

Yew.. Is that generally what you listen to day to day? What's been high on the listening rotation for you lately?

Yeah I try to mix things up during the day. Lately it has been The Shirks, MC5, CREEM, Back to Back, Morcheeba and Modern Charms. The new Supercrush single has been abused as well, it is excellent.

I've seen you wearing a Royal Headache shirt before, I think we share a mutual like for that band, I reckon they're bloody brilliant

Haha yeah one of many Royal Headache shirts! Best band in Australia

Anyone or anything or any band you want to plug to finish off?

Fuck yeah dude. Thanks for the interview! Shout out to the boys in Born Free, Mood Swing and Apollo Zen   //

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