New: Peking Duk - Take Me Over feat. Safia

New: Peking Duk - Take Me Over feat. Safia

That tune you've heard live at all their shows is finally out.

After taking all and sundry in 2014 with their chart-smashing/world-beating/festival-slaying/AIR Award-winning/venue-selling-out single High feat. Nicole Millar, Peking Duk have finally dropped a tune they've been teasing at heaps of shows with Safia vocalist Ben Woolner-Kirkham - Take Me Over. It's another formidable slow-electro-jam, featuring Woolner-Kirkham's soaring falsetto, a thumping beat and driving synths that will no doubt continue to get arms up and, if their recent sell-out tour is anything to go by, boobs out. Stream it below, and grab yourself the single HERE.


HERE is a gallery displaying what we mean about Peking Duk live shows.

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