Slow Magic - New Album/New Single

Slow Magic - New Album/New Single

Tunes galore from Slow Magic, plus a lil video of him hanging out in Perth.

Slow Magic's Australian tour earlier this year was one we haven't soon forgotten. It might sound simple, but just adding a couple of toms to his live sets and having him gesticulating wildly around them for the duration was a sight to be hold - immensely engaging and procurating massive positive vibes for the set's entirety. The fact his music is a thing of joyous beauty certainly doesn't hurt, which is why we're salivating at the prospect of his new album. Due via Create/Control/Downtown on September 12, How To Run Away looks to reflect his growth since his much-adored first album, , dripping with otherworldly beats and organic production. Having already released one single in GIRLS, below you can stream the latest, swirling release in Hold Still:

And as a little bonus, here's a short video recap of Slow Magic's time in Perth, where we took him to Timezone - just 'cause:

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