Safia Feature #16

Safia Feature #16

From Issue #16 of Pilerats Magazine.

This excerpt has been taken from Issue #16 of Pilerats Magazine. To experience the full interactive feature download it HERE.


Safia are three very young chaps fresh out of Canberra who are on the verge of world domination. At the time of shooting this video they’d just wrapped up a massive tour supporting Elizabeth Rose, and had just been announced as the main support for Lorde’s now sadly postponed Australian tour. Their soulful take on electronica is as good to groove to as it is to bliss out, and you can probably find ‘em in your part of town soon as they’re about to hit the road for a all-Aus’-encompassing SINGLE TOUR...


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Premiere: Just A Gent - Limelight feat. Rozes (Louis Futon Remix)

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