Onra Feature #16

Onra Feature #16

From Issue #16 of Pilerats Magazine.

This excerpt has been taken from Issue #16 of Pilerats Magazine. To experience the full interactive feature download it HERE.

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Are you an artist that feels strongly about solo work and not into collobrations?

Not really, I'm down for anything, over my seven official releases, three of them are collaborations.

We've got old 7"'s of yours at our place, when your making a record, do you always try and deliver it in physical format?

Yes, I like to see it coming out on physical format, it makes more sense this way.

Does your music have a stronger audience outside of France, or are they feeling your stuff their too?

Yes my audience is very worldwide spread, rather than just France. Which is a great thing, I'm proud it appeals to any kind of people all over the world. I would never trade this for more local support. 

How was your last Australian tour, what was the highlight?

Australia is always awesome, people are nice and it's usually packed. And now I have a lot of friends in all the different main cities that I'm always looking forward to meet again. That was the highlight, as well as that night in Melbourne when I DJ'd for six hours straight in three different bars.


Check the video teaser for Issue #16 below, and get DOWNLOADING. You can also catch Onra at the just-announced Circo Festival - details HERE.

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