BEEN TRILL cashes in on A$AP Rocky’s ‘Multiply’ Video Diss.

Less than 24 hours after A$AP Rocky released his video clip for Multiply, in which he disses clothing brand BEEN TRILL, the company's co-founder, Heron Preston, responded on Instagram, then, in a rather genius move, promptly made a tee-shirt, which he calls the ‘Tip Drill’ tee, that depicts Rocky standing in front of the exed out BEEN TRILL logo from the Multiply video (and doesn’t look all that different from something BEEN TRILL might regularly put out). The tees are for sale for $50, which means Preston’s subversion of A$AP’s critique is not just clever, but profitable.

In his RESPONSE on Instagram, Preston made a positive out of the whole thing. Whilst suggesting that a rapper having a go at a clothing label (rather than a rapper versus rapper beef) might be a sign of rap having ‘lost it's edge’, he then praised the video, “the song/video is good,” said Preston, “let's continue to shake shit up! Our culture needs it.”

If you missed A$AP’s diss video that prompted the Saga, Watch the video below, followed by a quick re-cap.

In a bid to make up for the delay of A$AP Mob’s album L.O.R.D, the Mob promised new music from A$AP mob general Rocky last week, launching ‘’, which had a countdown timer until October 3, A$AP Rocky’s birthday, when the video for Multiply - a track A$AP previewed at Coachella - dropped. In the clip (which is introduced by Juicy J) the whole A$AP Mob crew are…mobbing…through the streets of New York. Rocky tells the haters that Flacko Season is in full effect, before dissing streetwear brand BEEN TRILL, a label whose public profile he’s certainly assisted in building: “I ain’t really fucking with that BEEN TRILL/Swear them niggas booty like Tip Drill/Nah I ain’t really into throwing shots/but these motherfuckers better give me my props!” He even fires shots at Hood By Air, an alt-New York brand that Rocky aided in the success of through wearing their GARMENTS, and even once collaborated with: “HBA shit is weak, you can keep that”. Twitter was flooded with A$AP fans weighing in on the video:





If you want to buy one of BEEN TRILL’s ‘Tip Drill’ tees, email

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