New Music: JOY. - Weather

New Music: JOY. - Weather

JOY. continues to rain down a hellfire of killer music in 2015.

If you look at a list of artists we talked about a heap in 2014, after our own Pilerats Records artists one of the next inline would definitely be Brisbane producer Olivia McCarthy, better known to most of you as JOY. How much did we rabble on about her? This is how much:


Young Franco - Close 2 U (feat. JOY)


Captured (Pilerats Live Recording)

Stone (Zuri Akuko Remix)

It's all leading up to the 2015 release of her new EP (pre-order from iTUNES), and Weather is another cut from it. We're pretty sure McCarthy isn't even allowed to legally drink yet, but as you can see in all the above examples and again on Weathered, she's got production chops that put even some of the big wigs to shame, with the added bonus of a silky smooth voice that'll melt your heart/mind/ear holes. The Stone EP is due out the end of this week and she's headed on tour next month with the lads from Flamingo, so check the dates HERE and mark in your diary the first time you saw JOY. play in your home state in a kinda small venue because it will probs be the last.


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