In The Booth: J-ROCC

In The Booth: J-ROCC

Stones Throw legend J-ROCC takes us through a night in the DJ booth.

Following hot on the heels of a full-capacity national tour featuring Clark (UK/Warp), the Red Bull Music Academy Club Night series returns in February, inviting Beat Junkies founder, Madlib’s go-to-DJ, California-native and Stones Throw Records legend J-ROCC taking crowds on a musical journey across hip hop, house, latin, afro, techno, disco, boogie and more. With a huge record selection, we thought we'd ask him to take us threw a night in the booth, and he offered up a few secrets, but also held some cards close to his chest:

Take us through a DJ set with J ROCC – some tracks and a sentence or two for each:

It contains tracks from every era of good music, up to some new stuff. Every genre is mixed up into one. I play way too many tracks just to name one but I'm sure I'll play something that will be your favorite. 

Numero Uno – What are we starting with?

Really depends on the crowd and what the last DJ left me with. If he has been playing hip hop for the last of his set, then I'll start with something else. I don't have planned sets.

The crowd is warming up, it’s time for one of your songs to heat things up:

Build An Ark - You Gotta Have Freedom (J-ROCC Remix) or my own track called Party.

Someone thinks it’s a good idea to request a song – what’s a request that’s surprised you over the years as an honest-to-god great choice?

I don't really get request. Everyone is having a good time. Even the naysayers.

You’ve got ‘em now, what’s something to show off how deep that record collection goes? 

That might lose them. Nothing too deep being played unless it's that type of crowd. 

Energy levels are waning slightly, what’s a fail safe pick me up?

That's a secret and it changes every night. Each crowd is totally different. What works in London doesn't work in LA. 

We’re on the home stretch and vibes are high, what’s a special track just for you?

Something that the people never heard before and them liking it. 

Good night all and thanks for coming – the perfect closer?

Sister Nancy - Bam Bam.



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