10/10 Would Listen: Next Hype

10/10 Would Listen: Next Hype

Next Hype-man Gurvin Dhillon selects a deluxe dancefloor playlist ahead of 'the Summer of Next Hype'.

Fun times are always afoot when Next Hype are around.

The Perth-based boutique promotions collective is the little brother of Horizons Touring, the brains and brawn behind Origin NYE. They have a knack for curating music line-ups of highly credible underground dancefloor talent from around the world; ranging from burgeoning to established artists. They then combine those first-class talent choices with special venues, extra thoughtful touches, and round out the package with brandinga and limited edition merch. Their Why Make Sense? parties being a case in point: seeing Julio Bashmore and Gold Panda play with an intimate crowd in a tiny alley with a ceiling of fairy lights and stars was pretty memorable. Likewise, we won't forget seeing Glasgow producer Rustie on the beach by moonlight. Or witnessing Oneman ripping up the rooftop of an abandoned Fremantle department store:

oneman next hype

Next Hype have pulled the red curtains on their plans for 2015 and they're pretty spectacular, with Next Hype welcoming seven internationals this summer alone! Next Hype's newest protege Gurvin Dhillon is our special guest for 10/10 Would Listen this week, and he's put together quite the selection of tracks, spanning house, rap, Bristol bass, electronic-funk, grime and post-dubstep. It rules! Dates and tickets you need to know below the tunes. Over to you, Gurvy: 

Lunice – Weather Man

Weather man, Weather man!

When this song dropped last month apart of LuckyMe’s Advent Calendar amongst many other amazing releases this one stood out the most. Just the fact that we haven’t heard much from Lunice lately, besides his single Can’t Wait To from his upcoming debut album. It was good to hear something original and different emerge from the Montreal producer, with the inclusion of vocals heard for the first time over his production from CJ Flemings.

Freddie Gibbs - Deeper

Square ass motherfucker, you used to love a thug nigga.


Freddie goes in deep for Deeper, the third track off his album Piñata with Madlib. One of the best albums from 2014 Freddie doesn’t hold back from expressing his thoughts and sharing his story and Deeper is no different. With a very powerful video clip to go with the track (above) Deeper just makes you feel as if you're in Freddie's shoes, living out his crazy life.

Lunice – Can't Wait To

C-C-Cant wait to, cant wait to, cant wait to …

Even thought this song has been officially out since July last year, Can't Wait To is still one of our favourite releases from 2014. Showcasing the direction and sound of what his debut album will sound like, the video clip and song go hand in hand with Lunice doing his thang for the camera bringing out his inner B-Boy dance moves. Once you’ve listened to Cant Wait To once it will be stuck in your head forever with those repetitive vocals, and with less then a month 'til Lunice is back in Perth - we "can't wait to can't wait to" see him tear the roof off again!

Leon Vynehall – Butterflies

Hailing from the UK and touted by many as the next star of the UK house scene Leon Vynehall delivers the goods with Butterflies, originally debuting on Well Rounded Records' Housing Project sub-label in 2012. Vynehall is now in cruise control and he lays back on Clone's Royal Oak with a track that will prove to be a favourite with DJs this summer. Butterflies is this record's piano-driven house jam that makes you think about summer time... laying back under a tree, watching the butterflies fly around.

Zed Bias – Shizam (My Nu Leng remix)

Aww man you cannot listen to this tune without feeling like your walking the narrow streets of London. My Nu Leng blend their refreshingly original production style with Zed Bias' Shizam. Featuring vocals from two of the UK's most prolific MC talents Stylo G & Scrufizzer. Even if you aren’t a big fan of My Nu Leng you must admit that this track goes in deep and we bet you wont wanna stop listening to it once you’ve heard it. Press play. And leave it on repeat.

Redinho – Playing With Fire

Can you help me play with fire?

Coming off his self titled debut album released via Numbers, the London-born songwriter, vocalist and producer Redinho has been making waves and Playing With Fire is easily our favourite tune off the back of his album. From those electronic distorted vocals really standing out throughout the whole track, playing with fire is one of those songs were you just wanna lay back and close your eyes while you drift away.

Thelem – Bring Me Down

Released on Innamind Records back in 2013, Bring Me Down By badman Thelem featuring T-Man is still such a jam. Bringing those dark vibes along with a video clip to make you feel a bit uncomfortable and in your face. You’ve gotta be in the zone to really vibe on this one, but once you start feeling it you'll be glued to the intriguing sounds of Thelem.

My Nu Leng – Knowing


Released on Black Butter Records early last year, Knowing is one of those tracks without vocals that just sucks you into another world, full on from the get go. The break down to this track towards the end is the part that shows My Nu Leng’s softer side before ending off on a high note really ending off this brilliant release that still commands dance floors across the UK and now soon Perth when the duo stop off in Perth.

Freddie Gibbs – Sellin’ Dope 

My mama know I'm sellin' dope.

You cannot listen to this song without feeling as gangster as gangster Gibbs himself. First heard off the amazing GTA V soundtrack, Sellin’ Dope which features Mike Dean has such an old school feel to it that makes you feel like a boss with that catchy hook and raw lyrics ‘bout his momma knowing that he’s sellin’ dope just makes it that much more thug. 

TNGHT x Gucci Mane – Reachin Fo Ma Chain (Oneman Edit)


Two great songs in their own right, mixed together by the one and only Oneman, can only mean one thing: pure insanity. This edit of TNGHT’s Higher Ground and Gucci Mane’s Reachin Fo Ma Chain Oneman edit goes perfect together. You can’t help yourself from rapping along with Gucci while losing your shit to Hudmo’s and Lunice’s great work together as TNGHT plays out in the background. We can only pray that Oneman will drop this massive edit while he’s here on his Perth leg of his tour with Leon Vynehall. 

Next Hype Calendar:

Oneman / Leon Vynehall, Friday January 23, Gilkisons, Perth, tickets HERE

My Nu Leng/ Thelem, Friday January 30, Shape, tickets HERE 

Lunice / Redinho, Friday February 13, tickets HERE

Freddie Gibbs, Friday February 27, tickets HERE

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