Wonderland Warehouse Project

Wonderland Warehouse Project

Alison Wonderland's bringing the rave to a warehouse near you this May.

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's the quality of raving is directly proportional to said raving being done in a warehouse. Alison Wonderland knows this, and today has announced the Wonderland Warehouse Project - her only capital city tour this year, taking place in as yet un-announced "temporary party templates". And if that's not enough, she's bringing along to of the country's hottest producers of the moment in Wave Racer and Young Franco.

Festivals are played, clubs are played, let's go back to back to the warehouse: “I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me the last few years and I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than give them a truly unforgettable experience. I've got a few surprises up my sleeve, and am super excited that my m8s Wavey and Franco are coming too."

Last time she wandered around the country it sold out pretty damn quickly, so don't fuck around - tickets are only $25, and you can [UPDATED] NO LONGER get yours by clicking the picture below because this has already sold out!


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