Video: Peter Bibby - Stinkin' Rich [Pilerats Live Recording]

Video: Peter Bibby - Stinkin' Rich [Pilerats Live Recording]

An acoustic version of one the standout tracks from Bibby's Hates My Boozin' album.

"When somebody mentions this 'Australia Sound' thing I don't think of the instrumental hip hop or chillwave that they're generally referring to, I think of people like Paul Kelly, Will Wagner & The Smith Street Band... and Peter Bibby. It's not just because they're singin' songs with our accent, it's the stories and on-stage banter that mostly defines that Aussie identity in music for me. Having been brought up in Perth's eastern suburbs, worked as a plasterer and busking for a little bit, he's seen enough of the real suburban Australia to project us a little more genuinely to the world than theatrics like Croc Dundee - and coming from the same circles of talent as world beating Perth bands like Tame Impala and Pond, I can't help but feel the number on Peter's ticket out of here is about to be called."

The above is an excerpt from our beloved magazine in regards to an article about Peter Bibby, and like some kind of future-seeing witch, Peter Bibby's ticket has since definitely been called. Last year saw the release of his amazing Hates My Boozin' album (check it HERE), and he's currently traipsing around the country on the St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, spinning yarns and winning hearts all over the place. And if you take four whole minutes out of your day to watch this sterling rendition of album highlight Stinkin' Rich you'll see why. Then check his few remaining show dates after that, and experience it in the flesh.


05 Feb / Oxford Art Factory / Sydney, NSW- WITH POND

06 Feb / Harts Mill / Adelaide, SA- LANEWAY FESTIVAL

07 Feb / Footscray Community Arts Centre / Melbourne, VIC- LANEWAY FESTIVAL

08 Feb / Esplanade Reserve / Fremantle, WA- LANEWAY FESTIVAL

10 Feb / The Bird / Northbridge, WA- HEADLINE SHOW

13 Feb / Noodle Palace / Northbridge, WA

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