New Music: Fossa Beats - Thank U

New Music: Fossa Beats - Thank U

Elements you know, arranged pretty perfectly.

If you tried to imagine all the elements of future-beats/R&B you've come to know and love over the past 12-18 months, then threw them into one song I think that song would be Thank U by Melbourne producer Fossa Beats (heck the title even incorporates the letter 'U' in place of 'you'). You might consider this a knock, but let me also assure you it's not; some people just throw this stuff into their music because it's de rigueur. Fossa Beats fucking owns it and Thank U is the perfect combination of everything you love in the genre. It's beautifully restrained, takes off where it needs to, drops into a tidy little Jersey beat here and there, has some killer percussion, and most enjoyably is just really perfectly produced. Vibes all over the place. Plus check out these choice quotes from some of the country's heaviest hitters:

"I always listen to Fossa Beats when I'm hanging out my washing." - DEER

"My fav sets are when I play b2b with Fossa 'cause we get to plait each others hair while the other one is mixing <3." - Dugong Jr

"Not only does Fossa make a mean hot dog, but he also makes some of the most exciting, forward thinking beats coming out of Melbourne at the moment. Definitely one to watch" - Indian Summer

"Everyone knows that Fossa is a seriously talented beat maker, but I don't think he gets enough credit for having such lustrous hair. V strong hair game." - Paces


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