5 Favourite Things w/ Dusky

5 Favourite Things w/ Dusky

The UK house duo give us a few of their favourite things.

Deep house demons Dusky will be in the country this November for a heap of shows around the country to celebrate their latest EP, Love Taking Over. And not only that, they've promised four hour (that's right, four) sets on all the stops, giving them a chance to flex their house music muscles and road test a heap of new material from their new label, 17 steps. Rather than ask them a bunch of questions about stuff you probably already know, we just thought we'd see what a few of their favourite things were. These are their stories:


dusky studio1

Where we spend our weeks and where the magic happens… or at least we hope! We actually moved into a new room earlier this year, so the first EP we wrote in here was the Love Taking Over EP on our 17 Steps label. 


dusky london

Where we grew up, where we met, where we live… This city has informed so much of what we do both as people and musicians. The musical heritage in electronic music - from early rave and hardcore to drum'n'bass to garage and into today's hybrids - is unlike any city for us and has arguably been our biggest influence musically as DJs and producers. Pirate radio, in particular, was a big thing for us growing up.


dusky plane

If you're not tall, you might not get this… but when if you are anywhere near as tall as us, then a bit of extra legroom can make a world of difference. Especially when you're travelling round the world. 


dusky waves

We do all our writing 'in the box' as it were, so having the right plug-ins is essential… Waves always come up trumps with theirs. The Renaissance one is always great for squashing vocals and has been used on many a track of ours. 


dusky live

We're inspired by so many genres and styles that it's impossible to pick out a specific record - or even sound - as our 'favourite thing', but music in itself is obviously one of the main things that drives us both. We think there's something to admire in just about every genre and spend a lot of time listening to music of all styles; from classical and jazz to hip-hop and house.


dusky tour aus


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