Milky Chance - Stolen Dance (Jealous Much? Remix)

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance (Jealous Much? Remix)

If you thought Milky Chance's chill acoustic house hit needed more trap...

If you listen to our national youth broadcaster there's a very good chance you've heard German folktronica duo Milky Chance's single Stolen Dance (the video clip is down the very bottom for the seven of you that haven't). We imagine there's a lot of remixes on the way as the track is too perfect for it, and Aussie trap-enthusiast Jealous Much? has taken the track and turned it into quite possibly the most banging version of the song we think you'll find. Fuxing with the vocals into chipmunk styles and adding some rave-horns should about do the trick on this free download:

We imagine there's gonna be a lot of you picturing this bad boy going down a treat in the clurb any time after 1am, and for more you can follow Jealous Much? on FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER, or do the same for Milky Chance HERE.

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