Airwolf & Jasper - Girls To Jump

Airwolf & Jasper - Girls To Jump

Fuck winter, stay warm with this summer jam from Jasper and Airwolf.

If you hate winter as much as I do, this new disco-house jam from the pairing of producer/DJ/photographer dude Airwolf and normally bass/keys-player-in-the-band-Jakubi, Jasper, should make you feel warm and fuzzy. Girls To Jump is reminscent of the earliest Ducksauce tunes, it pumps with plenty of sassy horns and groovy bass and general good times. These are reinforced in the 70s (?)-sampling video clip you can watch below, right after you've downloaded this sucker for FREE:

Like Airwolf on FACEBOOK or check out his BLOG, where you can spy on a heap of his rad social photography as well as tune-age.

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