New Music: Milwaukee Banks - Van Gogh // Monitor

New Music: Milwaukee Banks - Van Gogh // Monitor

Milwaukee Banks' latest collaboration with Rat & Co. and Andre Eremin highlights the dynamic attitude of the Melbourne scene.

Milwaukee Banks have just released a double A side single release and alongside acts like Baro they are part of new age of Australian rap acts that are delving into future beats and cloud rap. 

Milwaukee Banks collab with Rat & Co. Monitor brings in a bouncy beat filled with discordant synths with some firey delievery of lines from Dyl Thomas, 'Never / Thought / I'd / Say it / But / I'm feeling fucking better than the Bible's God ever could.' Indeed it's a zany rap with Thomas' vocals taking an airy quality as the track progresses, highlighting what this track is all about, being powerful. 

The second single, Van Gogh, is done with wunder-producer Andrei Eremin and in comparison to the hard-hitting Monitor the beats' are as light as a feather, with a playful lather of piano keys that suit the melodic quality of Thomas' voice. It then rises up into the sky with a steady hand clap in the background and stripped back instrumentals before sinking back down with the syrupy vocal hook in the chorus. In comparison to MonitorVan Gogh takes on a laid-back approach reflective of Eremin's production in comparison to the elements of IDM that appear in Rat & Co's work. And for a double A side single the collaboration of both these Melbourne artists with Milwaukee Banks, another Melbourne act, it highlights the forward-thinking landscape of the Melbourne music scene. 

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