Jensen Interceptor - Under The Influence

Jensen Interceptor - Under The Influence

An epic three hour mix, new EP, and tour for Motorik man Jensen Interceptor.

With the impending release of his new EP System Addict due out Friday June 13 on Motorik Records, Sydney producer Jensen Interceptor has first laid down an epic three-hour mix for Motorik's much-lauded 'Under The Influence' series. As you might expect/hope from a three-hour mix, this one traverses all genres under the sun before settling in to his patented brand of grooving techno. Stream/download for free below:

As mentioned above, it precedes this Friday's release of his new System Addict EP, his fourth release with Motorik Records and one featuring Jon Convex and SCNTST on remix duties. The title track, featuring Francis Xavier, is all funky basslines and industrial tech, good for a groove whenever you need it.

Jensen is currently touring the EP, and you can catch him at one of the following dates:


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