Circo Teaser Video

Circo Teaser Video

We're going down a deep and trippy-as-shit rabbit hole this year.

If you've heard us bleating on about Circo Festival a lot it's because a) We're helping run the damn thing, and b) It's gonna be the bee's fucking nuts. There's only two weeks til Circo takes over the Claremont Showgrounds (Saturday June 28), and the likes of Ryan Hemsworth, Nina Las Vegas, Violent Soho, Kele, DMA's, Golden Features and more (check 'em all out at the Circo Festival WEBSITE) will blow you away aurally. And while they're amazing in their own right, we firmly believe the music festival in 2014 needs to be more than just an audio experience.

And this is where world-leading projectionists COMBS and SHADOW DATA come into play. Combs controlled our 'Blue Room' last year, and now he's joining forces with Shadow Data - a digital creative collective founded in Cambridge, UK. Kyle from the collective is now based in Perth, and they're combining forces to take over entire Pavilions as part of Circo Festival. We want you to get lost at Circo, in a hazy maze of visual fucked-uppery to a soundtrack featuring some of the world's most forward-thinking artists.

So enjoy this little teaser below, make sure you stay til the end, and head the to the Circo Festival WEBSITE to purchase your tickets now.

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