New Music: Twerps - I Don’t Mind

New Music: Twerps - I Don’t Mind

Melbourne lo-fi lovelies Twerps have made the perfect Sunday slacker song.

Lo-fi garage pop was really on trend my formative gig-attending years. For my 21st birthday I made all my mates come and see Best Coast at Becks Box, and I’ll never forget lining up for ages during a Chicago heatwave to see Real Estate play an incredible set in a crowded basement for the Pitchfork Festival after party. Plus, growing up in Perth, you’re steeped in the stuff: rough-and-raw band bills out the back of record stores and in backyards were a staple of most of my early-twenties weekends. For whatever reason, lo-fi garage seems to taken a back seat at the moment, with beats ruling the current contemporary music landscape. However, Twerps’ new track I Don’t Mind presents a prime opportunity to welcome some lo-fi slacker garage back into all of our lives.

Melbourne’s DIY scene has always been a goldmine for raw indie garage, and Melbourne four-piece Twerps are one of the bands that have led that charge. Even before I press play on a Twerps track I know it’s going to have a set of easy-breezy, emotionally-warming lyrics that will sit in my head for at least a few weeks (actually, one of the Twerps' earliest tracks, Coast to Coasthas been in my head going on a good few years now!) Let's waste away / let's save the day, is that lyric in I Don't Mind, a jangly track that starts slow before exploding into max guitar action. This track's not going to change the world, but it's really nice.

Twerps’ album Range Anxiety is due later this month - their debut on Merge Records

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