Justin Guthrie's Clay World

Justin Guthrie's Clay World

It's hard to get excited about photography anymore with all the crap out there but this series made me feel something in my clay heart.

For me, good photography uncovers or pushes something new on the world, furthering or contributing to the medium rather than just merely absorbing. Justin Guthrie's latest series is good photography. 

For a 20 year old kid based in Arizona, Justin Guthrie's inflence on contemporary photography is much bigger than it should be. Though thanks to the internet - age and geographical location isn't really a hinderance anymore. Justin curates a relatively unknown and forward leaning Flickr group called Né Ultra, dedicated to photography that raises new questions, new ideas, fresh takes on old ones and has a lot to do with aesthetic development within the photography community. Him and his contributing peers have influenced more than you'd think a flickr group could be capable of - the small photo community has churned out some successful careers and even attracts the eyes of pop culture influencers such as Odd Future's Tyler The Creator - citing the creative community as inspiration to their own visual aesthetic and even commissioning one of the groups photographers Julian Berman to shoot the Golf Wang lookbook. 

Alright so I'm here to show you Justin's latest series of photographs he created back in December 2013. Equal parts colourful, creepy, awesome and ridiculous.

Jump on in to Justin Guthrie's Clay World. 


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Good huh. Somebody get this guy a lookbook to shoot. 

You can view more of Justin's work here -


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