Danny T - Take Me EP Tour

Danny T - Take Me EP Tour

Another Sweat It Out thriller is touring his new EP.

Our continued frothage on the Aussie House Scene (read more HERE and HERE) continues with the announcement of Danny T's upcoming Take Me EP tour, celebrating his latest release which features Take Me, along with B-sides She Knows It, and Near To Me:

Danny T is a Sweat It Out stalwart - the keeper of all things jackin' and one of the nicest guys in the Aus dance scene, and his latest EP has received props from a huge list of some of the world's finest, including AC Slater, CRNKN, Golden Features, Yolanda Be Cool and more. Catch him at one of the following dates, and click the pic to go through to his FACEBOOK and keep up to speed with any goings on.


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