New Music: Temples - Shelter Song (Jagwar Ma Jono's Wrong Mix)

New Music: Temples - Shelter Song (Jagwar Ma Jono's Wrong Mix)

Jono Ma adds a spaced-out house atmosphere to a psychedelic classic.

Jono Ma, one third of Jagwar Ma, originally released this remix of Temples' Shelter Song as a Record Store day 2014 UK special on a vinyl only release. In over 5 minutes Jono Ma managed to warp a 60s Byrdseque jam into a thundering space bass explosion. Steadily throbbing along it stops at nothing before giving way to some dulcet synths that carry the vocal chorus. But it's the cosmic breakdown that really makes this track with its warbling bass, playful synths and snippets of vocals cuts. Previously the only way to access this bombastic remix was by SoundCloud. Until now. Now the record label gods have decided to be charitable to us lesser denziens of OZ by putting it on online and on vinyl again.

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