New Music: Melty - Nightmare Alert

New Music: Melty - Nightmare Alert

A hectic few minutes of maximum bounce from the up-and-coming Sydney producer.

Story time: I went to Sydney for EMC Play last year and while hanging out with Sydney producer Melty's most awesome manager man bought myself a Melty t-shirt. It was super rad and I couldn't wait to wear it all over Perth and show off just how fucking deep into the electronic music scene I truly am, and how much I support the yung bloods. I promptly left it in a hotel room two hours later in a drunken stupor and left Sydney and came back to Perth a few hours after that. That hotel room happened to be Perth band Crooked Colours', and Phil from that band now has my shirt. So Phil, if you're reading this, can you please give me my shirt back.

Last time we spoke of Melty it was about this sweet bootleg of Yung Lean's Yoshi City, and since then Purple Sneakers have proclaimed him as an artist to watch in 2015 - something we couldn't agree more with. And so far so good, with this tasty new original Nightmare Alert. It starts out in a wall of noise, before a countdown leads into some rapid fire Jersey bounce that doesn't disappoint. I look forward to Melty hitting the road hopefully some time soon and making his way to the west.


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